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March 16, 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

It is exciting to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel and plan for next school year. It will take time, but we are hopeful for the future and that school will look much more like previous years. Of course, we have to take things as they come, but it is very optimistic.

At this time, we have seen many improvements in the past month. Our numbers reported have been zero cases and zero quarantines in the school for the past three weeks. We are very happy to make some changes now to our reopening plan. These changes may seem small, but we think they will make the end of the school year more enjoyable and closer to “normal.”

We will start having students attend Mass in-person by grade level instead of by cohort. We have reworked our recess schedule to allow students a daily recess with their entire grade level, instead of by cohort, and we will put the basketball goals back up, as well. In addition, we will have face-to-face specials classes for our upper-grade students; they will have art, band and choir once a week. Kindergarten through fourth grades will begin a rotation to have a second PE class as well. All of these changes will be implemented next week.

Masking is still very important. Even in light of vaccinations occurring and lower numbers of infections in the community, we need everyone committed to protecting one another in this way.

Currently, we are making staffing plans for next year, and have recently heard from the state on both preschool and K-8 guidelines that will permit a larger number of students per classroom. However, we are still considering three homerooms per grade level in some grades, if enrollment numbers stay up.

We appreciate your support and the help you have provided us all in so many ways. We will also be sending out a survey to get your input on next year’s planning.

Many blessings to you all!

Paula Smith, Ed.S.


Christ the King School

Message from the Health Department Regarding Spring Break Travel

Hello, Everyone:

Spring Break is coming, and we hope you all get some well-deserved rest.

We have been receiving questions concerning individuals and families traveling during the break.

We want to share a site that you can lead your families to:

Please click on travel and locate the destination to see what level the state is at and what guidelines families should follow before leaving KY. and returning.

If a family/person travels and are not completely vaccinated (completed 14 days after the 2nd dose) the individuals must follow quarantine guidelines. Just because parents are fully vaccinated does not mean that the youth do not quarantine if they are exposed.

Also please ensure that if any of your families fly or go by train that they check the guidelines from the organization they are using. There are also

guidelines for out of the Country travel.

Please share the website and the updated quarantine information.

Just call us if we can help any further.

Best regards,

Gail Foster-Bullock

Disease Investigator | Lexington-Fayette County Health Department

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Re-enrollment Reminder

For the handful of families who have not yet submitted your online re-enrollment form, please do so now. You should have received an email reminder with your family-specific link to the re-enrollment form. For re-enrolling families who did not pay the $300.00 family re-enrollment fee by check, that fee will be drawn automatically via your FACTS account on March 30th.

To aid us in making new admissions decisions, if you know your children won't be returning to CKS in the fall, please follow the withdrawal link provided in your re-enrollment email to notify us of those intentions.

If you have not received your re-enrollment email and it didn't end up in your spam folder, please contact our IT director, Vince Mongiardo, at for assistance.

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Little Sprouts Summer Program

Little Sprouts Registration Packet!

Faith First Survey

As cases of COVID-19 decrease in Kentucky, we would like to open back up our Faith First program at CKS. One goal of the Faith First program is to facilitate fellowship in the community through athletics. We greatly appreciate your feedback as we make decisions about which direction to take the program this spring. Programming options could include all grade levels and even some event ideas for parents, so we welcome participation from parents in all grade levels! See the survey, embedded below:
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Important Reminders

  • If you test positive or quarantine, please notify the school's COVID contact. We are required to report these during virtual and in-person instruction.
  • If you are in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more within a 24 hour period, you must quarantine. For the most accurate results, it is recommended that you get tested no sooner than 5 days after your known exposure to the positive case.
  • Quarantining is defined as staying at home for 10 days after the known exposure, watching symptoms and checking temperature twice a day. This means not just quarantining from school, but all public locations.
  • When dropping off students' forgotten materials at school, please leave them outside the school's door, and buzz the front desk to arrange retrieval.
  • Masks must be worn on school property at all times. Please make sure to wear your mask when coming to the front door.

COVID Contact

As questions arise about the policies and procedures that we have put in place due to COVID-19, we wish for our parents to have a point of contact for their questions. For the upcoming year, our nurse, Shayna Elmore, will be available full-time during the school day. She will be our school’s COVID Contact. Please direct your COVID-related questions via email to or call (859) 266-5641.

If you have any questions about whether your child can be in attendance, please reach out to Nurse Elmore, our COVID contact. It is of utmost importance that we maintain the health and safety of our school community.

If your child is in isolation or quarantine, please contact Nurse Elmore, so that we can ensure that students can continue learning via the hybrid plan if they are well enough to do so. Her contact information is

COVID Testing Locations

Lexington Fayette County Health Department FAQ's about COVID Vaccine

1). Once I receive the 2nd COVID-19 vaccine, do I still need to quarantine if I come in contact with a positive case? Yes

2). If I am positive, can I still get a COVID-19 vaccine? Once you test positive and are finished with your Isolation period (released from Isolation), you can then receive a vaccine.

3). Once I test positive, will I still have to quarantine if I come in contact with a positive case? Not if the subsequent exposure is within 90 days after your initial infection date; however, there could be a stipulation if you become symptomatic after the subsequent exposure.

4). If I am in quarantine from being exposed, can I still get the vaccine? We advise that you stay in quarantine and wait until your quarantine period has ended before getting out to be vaccinated.

5). Do I still have to wear a mask and distance 6 feet even after I receive a COVID-19 vaccine? Yes

6). Is it recommended that I quarantine after traveling to other states or countries after receiving both doses of the vaccine? Yes

Carline Drop-off & Pick-up Refresher

Just as a refresher, please review our carline diagrams and videos, available at

CKS Travel Policy

Many have come to us concerned about families traveling. We all have to be protective of our cohorts.

In order for us to preserve face-to-face instruction of our students at school, we have to be extra careful with the choices we each make. We, of course, want our children to have all the typical experiences; however, we have to remember that making sacrifices for the short term will help prevent the spread of the virus, and reduce long-term negative effects on the school’s reopening and the health and safety of our children, faculty, and staff.

If you travel to or through any current hotspots, students have to quarantine for two weeks. The best place to go to check hotspots, which are states with 15% positive testing rates, is

Keep in mind that there are considerable swings and changes in all states and they can change even while you are traveling.

Daily Prescreening

Parents will need to fill out this pre-screening form daily with respect to their children who attend Christ the King School. You may submit this either the evening before your child(ren) will attend class on campus, or in the morning before bringing your child(ren) to school; HOWEVER, if you submit this form the evening before and circumstances change between then and the morning, you should resubmit and take action accordingly. A SYMPTOMATIC CHILD, OR ONE WITH A TEMPERATURE OF 100.4° OR ABOVE, SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.

On the school website:

Alternate link if the website is offline:

  • When a cohort goes into quarantine, including the teacher, the students will use the full online plan that includes synchronous (or live-streamed video) learning.
  • When individual students quarantine, without their cohort/teacher, or chooses to learn from home, he/she will use the hybrid plan that includes asynchronous (pre-recorded video) learning ONLY.
  • When a student is sick with allergies, strep etc. or on a trip he/she will complete missing work as normal, using Google Classroom and Ren-Web to keep up. The student has as many days as he/she misses to make up the work.
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Reopening Plan

Please see the CKS Reopening Operations Plan for all important information.

COVID-19 Response


Recent communications from CKS, along with links to COVID-19 Resources:


Prayer list:

Prayer Request Form:


If you would like to make a donation to those struggling during this time or if you need help, please contact us:

Lunch Menu

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CTK Bulletin

Be sure to fill out this year's parish commitment form. This helps to ensure you are an active parishioner!

Here is the Link to the Commitment Card:

Flipbook Ministry Guide:

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Summer Catechesis Opportunities for Children

Before you book your 2021 summer vacations, be sure to plan around the Cathedral’s

amazing Catechesis opportunities for children!

Totus Tuus - June 20-25 (changed)

Vacation Bible School – July 26 - 30

More information to come:

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Dear Partner School Principals and Administrators,

Join us March 15-22, on a fun-filled quest in search of 6 very special Knights hidden throughout Lexington. Identify all 6 Knights’ locations correctly, and your name can go into a drawing for one of three goodie-filled Easter baskets. Winners drawn on Tuesday, March 23, at noon.

Click on the link below for clues to where you can find the Knights or visit www.lexingtoncatholic.comfor more details and information.

Link to clues:

Lexington Catholic Football

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Important Dates

March 8-9, 2021- Spring Conferences

March 10, 2021- Spirit Day

March 15th and 16th , 2021- Reconciliation (3rd-8th Grades)

March 23, 2021- Diocesan Spelling Bee (3-5 @ 10 a.m., MS @ 11 a.m.) & Parent Education Night with Dr. Dalton (7 p.m.)

March 25, 2021- Virtual Stations of the Cross (9 a.m.)

March 29 - April 2, 2021- SPRING BREAK, No School

May- TBA- BBF, details coming soon!

CKS Contacts

Renrollment/Tuition/ FACTS: David Stromquist,

Admissions: Amy Smith,

Technology Support: Vince Mongiardo,

Communications: Kelley Taylor,

Student Concerns: Christine Gibson, cgibson@ckslex.og and Kelley Taylor,

COVID Exposure, Positive, Health Related Questions: Shayna Elmore,


Christ the King School develops Character, Knowledge, and Spirit in its students and community by living the Catholic faith through sharing the sacraments, promoting academic excellence, and engaging in service.
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