Friday Coffee Chat Special Edition

Take the 2-2-4-2 Pledge!

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Transform your business in 28 days!

If you've been following along on Facebook and reading your Home Office emails, then you've heard a lot of buzz about 2-2-4-2. This magic formula was rolled out during Hoopla and is your guide to business success!

What is it?

2 - calls a day

2 - online orders a week

4 - trunk shows a month

2 - new stylists a month

But the REAL lynchpin of the formula is the first 2: TWO CALLS A DAY.

What is this all about? This is you, reaching out to just TWO NEW CONTACTS, FIVE DAYS A WEEK.

Stop for a moment and imagine how much time that will take you. Five minutes? Ten? No more than that, right? But let's stop and think about what this might do for your business.

If you invited just 2 NEW people per day to hear more about our stylist opportunity...

  • You would have generated 14 new contacts per week.
  • On a low average, this would lead to 3 who agree to join you on a 3 way call , to coffee, or to join you at a meet-up.
  • On average, one out of those three will usually sign up.
  • If you did this each week, this would lead you to 4 new stylists per month–and about 50 per year, and 100 over the next 2 years.
  • On average if you had 100 new stylists join you over the next 2-3 years, in 4-5 years you could likely generate a multi-million dollar organization with a potential 6-figure + income.

And for those that DON'T want to hear more about the stylist opportunity - then offer a trunk show! And if they DON'T want to host right now? Then offer to help them get their Fall accessories wardrobe ready by suggesting some great pieces they can shop for online.

There's the rest of your 2-4-2!

It's that simple. It's about creating a long-term habit that will take very little time out of your day, but will pay you back in spades.

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Who's already been putting the two a days in action?

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Ready to take some action? Take the 2-2-4-2 pledge!

We're going to help you be accountable, and give you support and encouragement along the way! It'll be silly, it'll be fun - but most importantly, it'll be EFFECTIVE and will set you up for some MAJOR SUCCESS this Fall!


First up...decide this...

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Are you a breakfast, lunch or dinner gal?!

And by that - what I really mean is - what time of day are you most effective?! Do you rise and shine bright and early ready to take on the day? Or - do you hit your stride as you're nibbling on your turkey sandwich during your lunch break? Or - are you a night owl who does your best work at the end of the day?

There's no right or wrong answer - just matters what works best for YOU!

For fun - take this quiz to figure it out:

(or just decide for yourself!) :)

THEN - comment below the pinned post on our Team FB page OR email me with what YOUR best time of day is!

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THEN - join your Stella Sisters for some accountability!

From Monday, August 3rd through Monday, August 31st we'll be running THREE accountability groups based on what time of day YOU want to do your TWO A DAYS!

(Much catchier, cuter names to come)

Breakfast - led by Star Stylists Denise Talley and Christy Salamone

Lunch - led by Star Stylists Shannen Siciliano and Melissa Kaufman

Dinner - led by Star Stylist Jamie Mindel and Associate Directors Amy Wasilewski & Jamie Mindel

What will be required of you? NOTHING MORE than tracking your two a days!

What will you get in return? Help building your two a day reach out list, accountability from a super supportive group, great words to say that you can just copy/paste, hot tips AND - of course - PRIZES!

The group that has THE MOST participants complete their 2-2-4-2 tracker (below) will have $200 in product credits raffled off to one lucky winner!


One gal from EACH group that completes their 28 day 2-2-4-2 tracker will win a gift card to their favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner spot of their choice!


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The best part of this challenge? IT'S FOR ANYONE!

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Haven't worked on your business in months? Then this is for you.

Been reaching out to 20 a month? Then this is for you.

Feel energized by Hoopla and ready to roll? Then this is for you.

Hit a wall and ready to throw in the towel? Then this is for you.

The beauty of two-a-days is that they are perfect for each and every stylist, no matter where you're at in your business! Please consider joining us for these next 28 days. Help yourself form a new, effective and EASY habit and see what happens to your business this Fall.

Take this leap of faith with the most supportive group of women you'll ever meet! Don't forget to comment or email me with what group works for you.

So let's do this, shall we??