Rose Madder

Stephen King


I selected this book because I am a total horror movie junkie. Although I'm not very big on reading because I can't seem to find a book that I'm interested in. Until I found this one. I've never heard if a "horror" book, but when I picked up Rose Madder, I quickly found out that "horror" books definitely exist. Stephen King makes the most simple scenes in this book come to life, by using crazy words and unbelievable imagery. The suspense that hangs through the whole book is unbearable. Will Norman find Rose? What will happen if he does? What limits will he go to? These questions keep running through my head and I can't seem to put this book down.


"The pain has swallowed her as the whale reputedly swallowed Jonah, that holy draft-dodger."

"It throbs like a poison sun glowing deep down in the middle of her..."

"For a moment she's positive he means to kill her this time, not just hurt her,but to really kill her."

Stephen King's Rose Madder Teaser by Mcjansen