Johnson Informer

Principal - Doris Marcum

Upcoming Events

March 21-25-Spring Break

March 29-Awards Program 2:45PM

March 31-Awards Party 2:30PM

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No More Plastic Caps

We will NOT be accepting any more caps after Spring Break. Thanks for all you do for Johnson Elementary.


March 28-Mrs. Jaclyn Goode

April 1-Tracy Lucas

April 2-Jasmine Burch

Students of the Week

Akemon AM-Abigail Palmer-sipe

Akemon PM-Raegan Goode

Burns-Ellie Peacock

Long-Marcus Barrett

Funk-Josue Telles

Spencer-Lucas Miller

McGannon-Ayden Crain

Van Dyke-Carson Cravens

Rose-Gracie Holbrook

Meadows-Preston Burton


Wooten-Braden Hensley

Schindler-Matthew Coats

Strobl-Marshall Robbins

Neace-Alvin Glover

Our Weekly Heroes

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Employee of the Week

Congratulations!!!! Mrs. Mary Lou Ward for being our Employee of the Week!!!
Akemon AM-85%

Akemon PM-88%






Van Dyke-95%








Classroom News

Pre-school-Learning about what lives under water

Kindergarten-Learning about weather

1st grade-Learning about measurement and adjectives

2nd grade-Learning about weight and measurement

3rd grade-Completing IREAD3 and learning about fractions

4th grade-Learning about Indiana History, decimals, and folktales

5th grade-Learning about figurative language and graphing equations

Mrs. Neace-Learning about word families, Letter Y and #16

School Mall eMails

A big THANK YOU to all the parents who took the time to complete the School Mall email list. You helped earn money for our field trips. You are very much appreciated.

Principal's Corner

Make yours an equal opportunity household. Teach boys how o prepare food (and clean up afterwards). Show girls how to use hammers, screwdrivers and other household tools. Show your children some of the skills they'll need later in life. Sewing on buttons, washing a load of clothes and fixing a leaky faucet are all things kids can practice now. Not only will you be increasing their responsibilities, but you'll also be building their self-esteem by helping them feel more capable.


April 4-15-Amish Fund Raiser

April 28-Spring Fling 6PM-?

Pre-school Enrollment for Johnson Elementary

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