Sex Trafficking


What is Sex Trafficking?

It is young girls and boys who are forced to have sex and are put on drugs to be sold to other people . This is happening all over the world and its still happening till this day . This event happens mostly on the internet .Anyone can help put a stop to this Sex Trafficking event.Most girls that come out of Sex Trafficking don't understand why they went though what they went though.They also don't work as good at school they tend to droop out.
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How is this happening

Sex traffickers may lure their victims with the false promise of a high-paying job. Others promise a romantic relationship, where they first establish an initial period of false love and feigned affection. They also offer gifts, compliments, and sexual and physical intimacy, while making elaborate promises of a better life, fast money, and future luxuries. However, the the person employs a variety of control tactics, including physical and health abuse, sex assault, confiscation of identification and money. Kids can be taken from there family at any time and never seen.

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Renee DeVesyy was 19 when she was raped .She kept quiet even when she she got pregnant from the rape.She's now speaking out to dispel the shame rape victims feel and to encourage women who've been sexually assaulted to see themselves as survivors on a path toward recovery.This women got raped from someone she trusted and cared about. He druged her then tried to sell her.Now that man is in prison

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