Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By:Collin Dupre

The Positives

The Columbian Exchange is what helped the Indians and the Europeans in life.One of the positives is that the Europeans brought the Indians horses.Soon the horses helped the with the hunting that the Indians.Another one is that the potato from the Indians fed lots of the poor Europeans because that is the food they fed on.The final is that the the Europeans brought the cattle.This animal is important the cattle makes most of the meals that we eat today.

The Negatives

One of the negatives is that the potato soon died from the fungus and the poor people died.Another bad thing that happened to the Indians was that the Europeans brought diseases that killed most of the Indians because the Indians bodies were not used to these diseases.Another is that the Europeans took over the Indians land.The last thing is that the slaves led to war in the New World.

What Is The Columbian Exchange.

The Columbian Exchange is the exploration of Christopher Columbus in 1942.They exchanged the things that they had for the things that they don't have.The traided things such as horses,chickens,and potatoes.

Why You Should Vote For The Columbian Exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should vote for the Columbian Exchange because if this event never happened you would not have most of your food on the table.This is why you should vote for the Columbian Exchange.