Fires and Burns

By: Paige Boulanger and Mackenzie Walla, Hour 7


In this SMORE presentation, you will learn about how fires occur and some ways to prevent fires, and how you can prevent yourself from getting burned. This presentation has very helpful tips about fires and burns. Of course in each presentation needs some fun facts! Towards the end you will see a fun video about safety torches. Oh, and by the way, never play with matches, or light up fireworks in your house, and please don't make torches and light them up in your house! That is just common sense.

Ways to prevent yourself from getting burned

1. Lower your water temperature down to 120 degrees

2. When in the kitchen use oven mitts

3. Keep away from boiling liquids or grease while using top part of the stove

4. Cover outlets from getting children electricity burned

5. Always test bath water before getting in

6. When using chemicals make sure you read labels, and directions

7. Don't drag your brother or sister across the carpet to avoid friction burns

8. During hot weather, check metal parts of seat (be careful)

9. Do not carry containers with hot liquids inside

10. Be careful of car door handles during hot weather, because they can heat up in the sun

Ways to prevent fires

1. Make sure your fire alarms are working correctly and so are the batteries

2. Teach your kids not to play with matches or lighters

3. Do not put electric cords under rugs

4. Unplug any appliances when you are gone

5. Do not lite fire crackers in your home

6. Do NOT light up torches in house!

7. Keep candles out in the open

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Tim Tim learns a lesson about not to trust Tobuscus with his new product called safety torch, and ends up paying a lot of money to keep the monsters away.


Always remember...

Your safety is better than your house's safety!