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We review all material before accepting music projects. Review submissions must be a MP3 file and emailed to

Protege PR services Alternative/Rock, R&B/Urban, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Hip Hop.

Promote music, event, business, product and much more

Email Blasts

Our databases are not spam marked and music industry based. Our 50,000+ leads include Label CEOs, A&R, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Record Pools, DJs and many more.

We design your email blast, link your social networks and website.

1 Email Blast/Protege PR Website Spotlight (within 30 day period) $100.00
2 Email Blasts/Protege PR Website Spotlight (within 30 day period) $125.00
3 Email Blasts/Protege PR Website Spotlight (within 45 day period) $150.00

Social Media & Online Promotions

4 Month Campaign
Protege PR Website/Social Network Postings
Press Release creation & distribution
2 Email Blasts to Music Industry Executives & Music Blogs (Including social network links)
Interactive Flyer Design & Distribution
30-45 Second video promo spot
Interactive Internet Booklet
5,000 YouTube Video Views
1K Facebook Likes
5K Twitter Followers

6 Month Campaign
Press Release creation & distribution
Protege PR Website/Social Network Postings
4 Email Blasts to Music Industry Executives & Music Blogs
45-60 Second video promo spot
Music Review Submissions (online, print publications)
Interactive Flyer Design & Distribution
Interactive Internet Booklet
1K YouTube Video Views
5K Facebook Likes
20K Twitter Followers

College Tour Package

Protege PR has access to over 500+ stations (including college radio, online radio, satellite and public radio) and over 300+ College Newspaper publications in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

Our college tour radio campaign length is 8 weeks, including several weeks of outreach and artist introductions to the targeted stations prior to the campaign, as well as a comprehensive campaign wrap-up report upon completion. We watch the charts, track airplay and provide weekly feedback that allows our clients to stay at the forefront of the college radio market while expanding their fan base on a national level.

Reaching out to college media gives artists additional opportunities, such as; interviews, articles and college tours.

  • 500+ College Radio Stations
  • 300+ College Publications
  • Specialty Shows

Package service includes: Physical and digital distribution to college radio/internet stations, press release creation & distribution, distribution of press release to college media, 2 email blasts to promote artist/band and social networks, bi-weekly reporting of music rotation, feedback and interview opportunities.

College Tour Package $2,500.00

Regional Secondary Radio Promotions

Music Review Submissions

Our music review submission service is a way to some media feedback and recognition.

Album/Single reviews help to build your online/electronic press kit or EPK by giving you constructive criticism. These reviews add to your EPK's and can help you get more gigs, and festival slots, and get noticed quicker by record labels.

We service over 250 online and print publications that review music of the above mentioned genres.

This is a 4 week campaign.


Mailing & Printing costs are additional. All Packages payable on monthly, bi-weekly terms. We accept PayPal and Checks.

Custom Campaigns

Not sure of what you need? Have a budget? Contact us today and we will give you a FREE 5 minute telephone consultation to customize a plan for you.

You will receive a marketing plan outline for our recommend course of action.

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