Mexico's Development

Chapter 31 - The Americas in the Age of Independence

Foreign Investment

  • Foreign investors sought economic dominance over Mexico

  • British merchants did not establish independent economies

Attempted Industrialization

  • General Porfirio Díaz worked to industrialize Mexico during his rule

  • Railroads and telegraph lines connected all parts of Mexico, instigating industrial growth

  • Mexico City was dramatically transformed through pavement and electricity

  • Problems arose when profit generated through industrialization weren't used to continue the industrialization process

  • As agriculture, railroad construction, and mining increased, the quality of life for Mexicans inversely decreased

Question 10: Evaluate the reasons why Mexico did not develop like the United States and Canada

  • Exports generated large profits for all three states, but in Mexico these profits were not used to further industrialization and instead went to foreign investors

  • Decisions made in Mexico's economy were made by foreign investors, and its unstable government could not stand up to the pressure from foreign investors
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