Point of Contact Newsletter

January 2018, 5th edition

Evaluate the good, the bad...

Since our training in December, we have received more positive evaluations as well as performance concerns. Thank you for taking the time to complete the evaluations, it has been a positive change in our processes! If you have complications while completing the forms, please contact our department and we can help walk you through the process!

Brag about it!

During our point of contact and office manager's meeting in December, we gave campuses time to share ways they support our Guest Educators.

Below are ideas the campuses shared:

  • Office staff actively welcome the Guest Educators
  • Keep a supply of chocolate
  • Give them "extra" gum with a decal that says "Thanks for going that extra mile!"
  • Encourage to come back to work at the end of the day
  • Provide a detailed sub folder to each GE that gives details and general information about the campus. (jeans on Friday, assembly schedule, etc.)
  • Actively recruit for Guest Educators at all campus events!
  • Debriefing at the end of the day with the GE and asking them how their day went
  • Invite the GE to participate in campus events and staff lunches
  • We communicate with the GE about special days
  • Offer snacks and drinks every Friday

Ways to Secure a Long-term Guest Educator

  1. Check with Guest Educators on your preferred list to see if they are interested
  2. Contact Human Resources department for an updated Guest Educator list of certified individuals.

It is best practice to use a Guest Educator that holds a Texas Teaching Certification when there is a long-term position that needs to be filled.


I only need a long-term Guest Educator for less than 10 days and I have a great one that is not certified, can I use them?

For short-term positions, you can utilize a noncertified Guest Educator. On a title I campus you are required to send a letter to parents on day 20 if the substitute is not certified and day 30 on other campuses.

Can I use a retired teacher as a long-term Guest Educator?

Yes, a retired teacher can work as a long-term Guest Educator if they are substituting for someone on leave. Word of caution, we do not typically allow a retired teacher to take a position in a VACANT position.

Great Guest Educators

Sharon Henderson

"Sharon Henderson did an amazing job in my class yesterday. She even emailed me last night to give me some information that I needed." Sharon is always willing to help us in a pinch, responding to last-minute requests. She is always professional and has great classroom management skills. --Granger Elementary

Shara Smith

I always ask for Shara when I am out of the office. She has a great rapport with the kids. They always want her to come back. She follows lesson plans, even if teaching new content. Shara is a great guest educator! --Granger Elementary

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer knows the kids and the content. She holds students to high expectations. Students and teachers love her! --Granger Elementary

Marilyn Wood-Brewster

We received a fantastic review from Ms. Anderson and her 2nd-grade team regarding Mrs. Wood-Brewster! They were thrilled with her performance. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile!-- Peterson Elementary