Survival Guide

for the Sahara

Climate, Geography, and Location

The Sahara (located in Northern Africa) is really hot during the day and can be freezing cold at night. The highest temperature the Sahara so far is 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest it's been is 5 degrees Celsius. In some areas there are many mountains and hills and in other areas there are huge sand dunes that can take a long time to walk up some of them. It's really dry in the Sahara desert so it may be hard to find water.

Steps You Need To Follow To Survive

1. Use resourceful things from the plane and things that you have in the plane. Don't take too much, you only need to pack things vital to your survival.

2. Find water. That's the most important thing if you want to live. If you find any source of water, don't hesitate to take any.

3. You need to have proper clothing and footwear if you want to walk through mountains and/or sand dunes.

4. Try to find the nearest settlement. If you can find a town with people living there you might be able to get some help from them.

Animal Life : An animal that you should stay away from is the Death Stalker Scorpion, there are alligators in places where you can find water, and the most useful animal is the camel. This animal is one of the most useful animals in the Sahara. You can ride the camel over the sand dunes. I wouldn't eat the camel because it is a very useful way of transportation, but if you really need something to eat and will eat a camel I'm sure you can. This animal isn't very harmful. You just have to be careful while riding on the camel, you might fall off and could break a bone.

Plant Life

Palm trees are located where water is close. Thyme and other spices are edible. Doum plants are very helpful. These non-poisonous plants are used to make tea, molasses, cake, and sweetmeats.