Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, April 4

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Welcome Back!

Good Morning,

The final week of 3 MP is upon us! I know all of you are feverishly reviewing for your respective content 3 MP exams. I've been given great feedback about the varying types of engaging review strategies for each content team. Remember, the scan deadline is this Friday, April 8! Also, keep that grade book up to date and make sure you are documenting any parent communication regarding student performance.

Continue to think about what 4 MP is going to look like for your teams and your classrooms when it starts next week. Let's continue to focus on the standards, analyzing our pre/post data with our teams, and make decisions based on our findings. AP and HSA teachers, start formulating (I know some already have) your review sessions for these important exams!

You are all doing a great job-keep it up!


To Jess Angelo for taking her AP Psychology students on a fantastic field trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia!

Upcoming Dates

April 5-Faculty Meeting

April 8- 3rd MP Exam Scanning Deadline

April 11-End of 3rd MP, 2 Hour Early Dismissal

April 12-Start 4th MP (!!!!)

April 19-Report Card Distribution

April 26-SCHOOLS CLOSED FOR PRIMARIES (Vote Early and Vote Often)

April 27-Professional Development, 2 Hour Early Dismissal

Gopher Flex Schedule

Monday 1A

Tuesday 1B
Wednesday 2A
Thursday 2B

Friday 3A

Things to Know

1. WE HAVE CARTS!!! They are currently being assembled by custodians and will be delivered to the office when completed! :)

2. Just because you are reviewing does not mean it can't be engaging! Here are some ideas our department came up with at the department meeting to keep students engaged and prepared for the 3MP Exam:


-Four Corners


-"Pop Star vs. Politician" (See Ms. White for more details if you don't remember her explanation)

-Multiple Choice "Golf" (See Mr. Carrfor more details if you don't remember his explanation)

3. Please review the HSA and Senior Exams schedule sent out by Ms. Hartford last week.

4. Continue to work towards students mastery of your SLOs! The Post conference window is May 2-13.

SLO Timeline (With Extensions)

-May 2-13: SLO #2 Post-Conferencing Window -- ALL DATA due and finished

**You may request to meet with Ms. Berner any time between now and the Post-Conferencing Window for

update purposes.**

5. -Do you teach 10th grade? Make sure that your students have some experience with how to use PARCC

software before they take the PARCC test, beginning Tuesday, April 19. It's especially important for

Social Studies that our students know how to highlight text in readings on the computer to support

ELA. You can use laptops or Chromebooks in your room, or book lab time.

Online Student Tutorials:

Online Practice Tests:

6. PARCC Testing Schedule

Tuesday, April 19 (Period 1)

English 10 Unit 1

Wednesday, April 20 (Period 1 & 2)

English 10 Units 2 and 3

Thursday, April 21 (Period 1 & 2)

Algebra I Units 1 and 2

Friday, April 22 (Period 1)

Algebra I Unit 3

Question for the Week

Be prepared to discuss the following at your content team meetings:

Ms. Berner had us all contribute to an e-mail chain addressing ways to reduce the number of failures. After contributing to the e-mail chain, and having some time away, discuss what your team believes will help the most in reducing the failure rate.


WICOR Information

I hope you have found the WICOR fliers that were placed in your mailboxes useful in planning lessons. The following activities supporting the April look for can increase the “student talk” within your classroom. If you’re not sure about one of them, just ask a colleague who is sporting an AVID trained poster outside their door for more information.

a. 4 Corners b. Philosophical Chairs c. Socratic Seminars d. Minute Speeches e. Jigsaw reading with expert groups

f. Collaborative study session

College and Career Initiatives

1. To date, 97% of the AVID seniors have been accepted to one or more 4 year colleges and a combined total of over $662,000.00 have been earned in college offers, scholarships, and FAFSA grants

2. According to Naviance, a total of 136 GBHS seniors have applied to college to date and a senior wall in the cafeteria will be created in early May to post the acceptances and decisions of all seniors going to college

3. Our 5th Annual College/Career Expo sponsored by Signature and AVID will take place during 3rd period in the main gym on April 12th-more info. will follow for rotations similar to the AP Fair

4. Another college presentation day is in the works for late May/early June by none other than our very own recent graduates attending college- more info. to come as plans/approval come together

5. Have your students or aids begun working on career posters to advertise careers in your particular subject area? It’s not too late to start. Simply have them identify the subject area and a list of careers with a short description about each one and the type of training or college requirements and then post them in your hallways.

Please help spread the word: We are getting ready to move into phase 3 of our Mission Statement revision but are still in need of student and parent input across the community

If you have easy access to computers, please ask students to provide their feedback on the mission statement and ideas for classes/activities they feel will help prepare students for life after high school. This is the same Survey Monkey we are asking parents to comment on.

WICOR Electronic Portfolio

On April 13th, Cici and I will be participating in the countywide AVID-Expo at Central Office. We will share the GBHS WICOR portfolio with various teachers, Central Office Staff, and other invited guests. The WICOR portfolio will be comprised of various WICOR artifacts submitted from faculty and staff as well as data from our school wide WICOR Pilot. If you have any WICOR items to share, please give them to Cici and I so we can show off our student samples of rigorous work.