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January 11, 2021~Happy New Year!

The Power of Showing Up

2020 brought many challenges and obstacles to learn from, overcome, or grow through. While 2020 came to a close, the year of 2021 brings new opportunities for growth, learning, and resiliency skill building.

During the past year, I have heard many claim that children are resilient and will be fine or will make it through; not needing additional supports or special attention to their well-being and coping strategies. Children are sponges that soak up learning, emotions, and experiences they are exposed to. Even when we attempt to shelter our youth from different situations or experiences, they still pick up on the emotions around them and feel the stress or tension in their environment.

Resilience is a collection of skills that we gain and possess by living and functioning within a village. One individual, particularly a youth, does not possess resilience within their self. Resilience is a collection of skills present within an individual's village, developed and strengthened by seeking out and receiving support. Resilience involves having the skills to access and utilize supports within the village and the village responding. As adults, we can help foster and develop our youth's resiliency skills. We do this through the power of showing up; just showing up and being there for our youth.

When significant events occur in our world and lives, we can and should support our youth and their processing of the information. This can be accomplished through the power of showing up: Showing up to listen, protect, model, and support.

1. Listen: Make yourself available for your child to talk; be willing to have a conversation; do not quiet or dismiss a child thinking a topic is not important to them. If you don't make space for the conversation, the topic may occupy their mind, resulting in unaddressed or unresolved emotion and confusion.

2. Protect: Our children do not need to view or hear news stories and should not be watching non-stop or uninterrupted footage of crises or other noteworthy news events. Protecting our youth does not mean hiding information. Protecting means acknowledging and addressing their feelings and responses. Address the facts and avoid speculation or false assurances.

3. Model: help translate the feelings of worry or hopelessness into opportunities to respond productively, modeling a thoughtful response.

Just by showing up for your child and making yourself available for conversation or support helps build resilience within your child, letting them know you are there to support during times of big or challenging emotions. You don't have to have the answers or solutions. You just have to be available so your child doesn't have to weather the storm alone.

The Rabbit Listened

Read aloud by author Cori Doerrfeld

This is a great book about 'being with' your child through emotional experiences and how to 'show up'

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