Emily Nitch's Poetry Flyer

Poem 1






Poem 2

I knew him all my life

he was always there,

Watching me grow

And filling me with care

I have though grown older

And he has as well

He looks so at peace

Oh, my heart begins to swell

Bright, colored eyes

they were always so bliss

Now he lay in this stiff bed

Why did it have to come to this?

His smile could light up a room,

his laugh a beautiful sound

I can no longer hear it

Though it’s like he’s still around

His eyes are now closed

but I do not fret

For he is in a better place,

I will soon not forget

Poem 3

If the war hadn’t happened

Live with us

I remember

My mom

The reality which I had always taken for granted

With a family of my own

The most remote fantasy

I actually like

Spun dreams

and be

Too sheltered perhaps

Too sheltered

Poem 4

It was a picture I had after the war.

A bombed English church. I was too young

to know the word English or war,

but I knew the picture.

The ruined city still seemed noble.

The cathedral with its roof blown off

was not less godly. The church was the same

plus rain and sky. Birds flew in and out

of the holes God’s fist made in the walls.

All our desire for love or children

is treated like rags by the enemy.

I knew so much and sang anyway.

Like a bird who will sing until

it is brought down. When they take

away the trees, the child picks up a stick

and says, this is a tree, this the house

and the family. As we might. Through a door

of what had been a house, into the field

of rubble, walks a single lamb, tilting

its head, curious, unafraid, hungry.

- Linda Gregg