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Service Dogs, Outdoor Graffiti, and

Service dogs help people living with physical and other problems

Brian Boone is a soldier that lost part of his leg serving in Afghanistan. Brindle, is a service dog who helps Boone not fall down and by picking things up that he drops.

More than 25,000 Americans use service dogs. Service dogs help people who are blind, in wheel chairs, and help people from falling down. Only two out of five dogs make it in the program because it is 50,000 dollars to train each dog. Each dog is taught at least 40 commands.

Outdoor Graffiti

Saraiva became famous for painting a cartoon figure called Mr. A all over Paris.

He marked XO along with his name on a boulder in a national park. Casey Schreiner, editor of Modern Hiker says that seeing marks at national parks is like getting punched in the gut. Graffiti is not supposed to be in nature. Graffiti was all over the place including parks, Golden Gate National Recreation Area near San Francisco, Joshua Tree ( not far from Los Angeles), Rattle snake Canyon in Joshua Tree, and on historical structures. People who work at national parks put up video cameras to see who is doing the graffiti. On April 1 Saraiva got a fine of $275.

These are my thoughts:

My thoughts on the News ELA articles that I chose are that service dogs are very helpful and that graffiti needs to come to a end. Also because service dogs could save lives by keeping people standing so they don't have a major fall or to help people in wheel chairs so they don't or someone else doesn't need to push the wheel chair. Because the dogs are trained to pull wheel chairs as well as their other skills. Another thing is that graffiti should be stopped and come to a end because if is ruining national history, nature, and more important things. I think the articles were very interesting and I agree with both writers of the News ELA articles.