E-Notes Help

Who you gonna call?

(877) 810-6894

Although we have a wonderful tech staff here in our district, none of our technicians really have much knowledge nor access to the back-end of the website portion that handles E-Notes. All of the website is handled by Gabbart Communications. They will always actually be your quickest and most specified experts in a topic like E-Notes.

Please contact them first when you have E-Notes related problems or need help.

Gabbart also provides a Knowledge Base with instructions concerning E-Notes, if you need self-directed help with basic functions. Follow directions below to access or simply click this link:


And, of course...

Still feel free to contact HelpDesk@HudsonISD.org if you're needing one-on-one help even with these other resources available. We are simply attempting to guide you first to your best options. THANKS!!