Explorers that Came To Canada

By: Sarah

About Him ( my main person )

He was walking and two men from his crew shot him. The guy that stood up and shot him was named Pierre Duhaut. Sieur De La Salle was born on November,22,1643. Salle when he was 23 he set off for Canada with 23 men and cannons. He got sent by King Louis. He was supposed to explore the Fur-Trade routes along the river. By boat.

Henry Hudson


Henry got sent on the early 7th century by a English Muscove. When they got farther out into sea the sailors had an idea. They tied him up and put him into a little boat with his son, no food or water and a couple of sick people. He was trying to find India and he got stranded on a boat at the Hudson Bay on nobody really knows. He wanted to find the North West Passage to get to India for spices. His son was sixteen and his name was John. In one of Hudson's journal entries he describes a mermaid that his men saw swimming alongside their ship.

John Cabot

First Person To Reach America

By the late 1490s he lived in England and got an order from King Henry to search for the North West passage to get to Asia to get silk. He sailed from Bristol in May 1497 and and found land in late June. John Cabot was also the first person to reach America on June,24. He went by boat.

Jaques Cartier

Bad Guy

He was sent by the king of France to search for Gold and Diamonds. He took a boat and landed on Canada in Newfoundland on May.10,1534. When he got there he put up a flag that said:Vive le Roi de France- Long live the king of France. He also took the King’s sons to bring back to France to be the Kings of France.

Sir John Franklin

Died In The Artic

He died in the Arctic on the year 1847. He made 4 trips to the Arctic and the second trip they ran out of food so they were forced to eat the leather of their clothing. British Admiralty sent Franklin. His crew of 128 men never made it. He was born on April,16,1786. He got sent there to map the Arctic coast.

First Nations

How They Lived

The First Nations did not have metal or steal back then. The didn't even have toilets imagine what they they did. When the Europeans came they all traded for blankets and pots and pans. Some of the names of their groups are The Mi’kmaq, Iroquois and lots of other groups of people. These people lived in Canada