Roanoke Sound

Protecting our esturtuaries

Important Estuary for NC

The Roanoke sound located in the outer banks. In this area ecology thrives. Plants like the American Beach Grass and live Oak are popular among animals like the sea turtle and seagull. in this area there is a national wildlife reserve for animals like deer, foxes, etc. but, there is a special reserve just for alligators.

Rivers feeding the Esturary

There are not many rivers that feed into the Roanoke sound, but here are a some:
  • Alligator river
  • Alligator lake
  • Phelps lake
  • and many more

Animals and Plants that live in the Roanoke Sound

  • Sea Dunes
  • Alligator
  • Deer
  • Sea Turtle
  • Yellow Pitcher Plant
  • And Many More

Environmental Service

Right now the Roanoke sound is in pretty good shape for the future. Except what humans do which is: littering, fertilizers, non point source pollution, etc. But, people are trying to help it stay clean so they are picking trash up, coming up with ways of cleaning rivers and keeping the bad stuff out.