Duke Ellington

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What was Duke Ellington’s childhood like?

Duke Ellington was born in Washington D.C.. He loved listening to music. James Edward and Daisy Ellington were his parents. His sister's name was Ruth Ellington.

How did his childhood impact him as an adult?

When he was young he loved music. Then over time music stuck with him till when he got older. Then he become a musician that sang jazz music.

Who was Duke Ellington’s role model and why?

Duke’s parents, Daisy Kennedy Ellington and James Edward Ellington were Duke Ellington’s role models. They were his role models because they taught him table manners. They also taught him the emotional power of music.

In Conclusion...

Duke Ellington was a lot of people´s role models. Duke Ellington was a nice person most people liked his personality. I think that his style of music suits him very well. Duke Ellington has his own ballroom at Northern Illinois University. That ballroom is good for receptions and conferences.


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How did Duke Ellington die?

He died May 24, 1974. Duke Ellington died of lung cancer and pneumonia. At his funeral more than 12,000 people were there. Duke Ellington died when he was in New York.

What did Duke Ellington do different when he was older than when he was younger?

When he was young he was interested in music then when he got older he started to like painting and coloring.
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