The 1920s: Prohibition

US History Research and Poster Project


Keywords can be used when searching on a webpage or searching through a book index.

Possible keywords for this topic:


Volstead Act

organized crime




*Try synonyms of these words as well.

*Once you've found some information, you can use keywords you found in your reading from that source as well.

*If you can't find information using one of the keywords, try a different one.

Time Savers

Since you have one day to research for this project, you need to use your time wisely. You do not have time to read every book or website in its entirety. Use the two tips below to save time.

*For books, use the index to locate keywords and flip right to the page where the information regarding that topic is found.

*For websites, ebooks, and database articles, hold down the control button and the letter f at the same time (ctrl+f) in order to have a search box appear. Type a keyword into the search box and click enter. The keyword will be highlighted on the page. Continuing to click enter will take you to every location on the webpage where that keyword is found.



*This book is available without a password at school, but you will need to email Mrs. Turner at for the password to access it from home.

The Dark Side of the 1920s

Print Books

*These books are on a red cart in your classroom.

1920-1940: The Twentieth Century by Sharon M. Himsl (909.82 HIM)
The 1920s by Erica Hanson (973.91 HAN)
The 1920s: from prohibition to Charles Lindbergh by Stephen Feinstein (973.91 FEI)
The 1920s by John F. Wukovits (973.91 WUK)
The 1920s by Kathleen Drowne and Patrick Huber (306 DRO)
The 1920s and 1930s by Anne McEvoy (391 MCE) -
Al Capone and the Roaring Twenties by David C. King (B CAP) -

America in the 1920s by Michael J. O'Neal (973.91 ONE)
Daily Life in the United States, 1920-1939: Decades of Promise and Pain by David E. Kyvig (973.91 KYV)
Fashions of a Decade: The 1920s by Jacqueline Herald (391 HER)
The Roaring Twenties: 1920 to 1929 edited by Rodney P. Carlisle (973.91 ROA)
The Roaring Twenties: An Eyewitness History by Tom Streissguth (973.91 STR)
The Roaring Twenties by David Pietrusza (973.91 PIE)
The Roaring Twenties edited by Phillip Margulies (973.91 ROA)
The Roaring Twenties edited by Stuart A. Kallen (973.91 ROA)
The Roaring Twenties: Almanac and Primary Sources by Kelly King Howes (973.91 HOW)

The Twenties in American by Paul A. Carter (973.91 CAR)

U.S.A. Twenties edited by Rachel Bean and Mark Fletcher (973.91 US V. 1-V. 6)

Women of the Roaring Twenties by Clarice Swisher (305.4 SWI)

Database Articles

Prohibition Articles

*You will need to log in with your Google apps information to view these database articles since they are password protected.

Don't forget to cite your sources!

Citing websites: will allow you to cite websites in four steps:

1. Choose the "Website " tab and paste the url of the website into the "Enter the website" box.
2. Click "Cite This"
3. Attempt to fill in any pink highlighted boxes.
4. Click "Create Citation"
*You can copy and paste your citation or have it uploaded as a Google doc.

Citing print books: will allow you cite a print book in four steps:
1. Choose the book tab and type in ISBN from the back of the book.
2. Select your book from the generated list.
3. Attempt to fill in any pink highlighted boxes.
4. Click "Create Citation".
*You can copy and paste your citation or have it uploaded as a Google doc.

Citing e-books:

You can cite your e-book straight from the e-book itself by following these five steps:

1. Click on "Citation Tools" above the picture of the cover of the e-book at the top of the screen.

2. Choose MLA 7th Edition is chosen.

3. Choose "Easybib" under "Export to Third Party Software"

4. Choose "Export"

5. Choose "Export to Easybib"

*You can copy and paste your citation or have it uploaded as a Google doc.

Citing database articles:

All of the database articles for this assignment have the MLA citation at the bottom of the article so you can copy and paste it onto your bibliography.