December Newsletter

What's happening in 5th grade


We will be continuing our non-fiction research unit on Westward Expansion. We will be starting another non-fiction unit on tackling the complexity of non-fiction.


We will be working to understand algebra (the concept of a variable used in math) and decimal operations.

Social Studies

We will explore the characteristics of the Southeast and research how people impact the environment along the east coast.


We will continue researching and composing a report about a subtopic within Westward Expansion.


We will investigate cells under microscopes and drawing and labeling the different parts of cells. We will also compare and contrast vertebrates and invertebrates.


Important Dates:

  1. December 2nd: Big Buddies Mustang Spotlight
  2. December 5th: School Wide Spelling Bee
  3. December 9th: D.A.R.E
  4. December 10th: MAP Reading
  5. December 11th: Interims sent home
  6. December 16th - December 20th: Solar System Presentations
  7. December 17th: MAP Math
  8. December 20th: Winter Sing-a-long
  9. December 23rd - January 5th: Winter Break

Please remind your child to charge their laptops every night. As it is getting colder, we will still be continuing to venture outside for recess. Please remind your student to dress warmly and come prepared with scarves, hats, and gloves.

December Birthdays

Jaiden 12/2, Iryne 11/5, Joshua 11/7, Zaid 12/11, Angelia 12/12, Phillip 12/21, Alec 12/21