April PD at LHS

What are your instructional goals?

Last call for PD!

PD hours are due by May 10. Check here for RCS PD guidelines. If you do not complete all professional development requirements by May 10, RCS will deduct accordingly from your paycheck.

ONLINE PD: Technology for the Research Process

Wednesday, April 11-Wednesday, April 25

Email Mrs. Alvarado by Monday, April 8 to be added to the course

If you ask your students to research a topic, do they tend to use the first link they find on a google search and look no further? If so, sign up for this online PD opportunity.

Technology for the research process will lead you through the skills needed to help your students conduct research on a deeper level.

In this session, you will learn more about each step of the research process and you'll explore tools and websites that will help your students go deeper into their research. You'll also learn how to help your students organize their information, evaluate resources, cite their sources, create unique products, and more. Regardless of your experience with research, you'll find many useful takeaways from this online course.

Upon successful completion of all requirements of the online PD course, you will earn 3 hours of PD credit. Email Mrs. Alvarado by Monday, Monday, April 8 to be added to the course.

Engaging vocabulary and word wall instruction with Deck Toys

Thursday, April 4 @ 3:45 in lab A209 with Mrs. Mardirosian and Mrs. Alvarado

Tired of teaching vocabulary and word wall the same way?

Check out Deck Toys and gamify your vocabulary instruction. You'll have student engagement like never before!

Deck toys is a classroom engagement platform best described as a sort of digital "breakout game." With Deck Toys, you can transform your vocabulary lesson or word wall review into an immersive, engaging experience for every student in the classroom. It is simple to create lessons, and you have instantaneous data tracking for your students. When you create your lessons, you can give students voice and choice (great for blended learning classrooms) or create a specific path that all students must follow. From basic skills review to mazes and game shows, the possibilities are endless and FUN with Deck Toys!

Join Mrs. Mardirosian and Mrs. Alvarado as we lead you through this 1.5-hour PD session. Make sure to sign up on SchoolStation to receive credit.

Final projects: A choose your own adventure EdCamp with the LHS Technology Leadership Team

Tuesday, April 9 @ 3:45 in the library

Ever with a PD was created just for you and your needs? If so, this is the session for you!

Join the LHS Technology Leadership Team for an EdCamp-style PD focused on quarter four projects. Come to the session, tell us what you want to work on or learn about for the next project you assign to your students, and partner with one of our resident experts for a breakout tailored to your request. Whether you're looking to help your students incorporate more or different technology in their final projects or you need help coming up with ideas for inquiry-based projects or anything in between, we're here for you!

Bring your blended learning teacher devices, if you have one.

Make sure to sign up on SchoolStation to receive 1.5 hours of credit for this session.

Reversing the Summer Slide

Wednesday, April 24 @ 3:45 with Dr. Lowe

If you are interested in ways to cognitively engage your students and reverse academic regression over Summer Break, join Dr. Lowe on Wednesday, April 24 from 3:45-5:15. In this session, you will learn about some activities and strategies. You will also collaborate with peers to develop a plan for your students.

Join Dr. Lowe for this 2-hour PD session. Email her at lower@rcschools.net to let her know that you'll be there.

Twitter Chat @ #RCSTechChat

Every Tuesday in April @ 7:00 PM

Join Mrs. Alvarado and other RCS Instructional Tech Coaches on Twitter at #RCSTechChat as we host a weekly chat. It's a great way to PD in your PJs and interact with and learn from teachers from all over the county!

You will receive 1 hour of PD credit if you remain active in the chat and answer all of the questions and fill out the survey at the end. You may earn a maximum of 3 hours PD credit via Twitter chats.

Please click to watch the video for instructions. This video will explain how to participate and receive credit. See me if you have questions!