Eliot Schrefer


Endangered is about a girl named Sophie and a bonobo named Otto. A big rebellion started and a war broke out. So Sophie and Otto escaped from a sanctuary and wandered into the jungle. She stayed in the jungle throughout the story but then she got a motorcycle from a nice guy. She took the motorcycle and went out to look for her mother. The family got reunited again.

Eliot Schrefer

Eliot Schrefer was a college graduate from Harvord and is now a resident of New York City. He started writing fiction in 2004. He picked the ape in endangered because he is in love with apes. And right now he is at a job working with apes.


The first one is Sophie who is a Congo. But she also come from America where her dad lives because her parents split. And the second one is Otto who is a bonobo. He was tortured as a young until Sophie came and saved him.


The rebellions are the antagonist because they are the ones who started the big war. They have burnt the villages and wiped out everyone in them.

Other Main Characters

The other characters are the Mother, Dad, The Man, and the rebellions.

Author Recommendations

He recommended Endangered, the deadly sister, geek fantasy novel, hack the sat, glamours, the new kid.

Additional recommendations

They are ape house: a novel,planet of the apes,tarzane of the apes

Personal Recomondation

I liked the book, i would recommend it because of all the action it has war and jungle and a bunch of jokes.