Wedding Planner

Sydney Pansing

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A Typical Day

While Wedding Planners are at the work place they could be in meetings with couples, helping them decide on what color flowers or the tastiest cake flavor. In addition, they could be calculating the total cost of the wedding while attending to the clients wants and needs.

Work Environment

Wedding Planners work both indoors and outdoors. Whenever they are outdoors they could be meeting with the local florist, or they could be getting tux measurements for the groom. Although, when indoors Wedding Planners usually are calculating the couples budget and how much they are able to afford.


Wedding Planners work with people all the time, but they also work individually at times. When they are working with the bride and groom of the wedding they have to be very patient, and have to able to be supportive and comforting towards their clients. Furthermore, when Wedding Planners are working individually they must be able to be efficient problem solvers. In addition, Wedding Planners have to be able to work hands on for projects and mentally for projects. When designing buqeas they have to have some sort of fashionable taste to pick out matching color pallets. They have to also be strong mathematically to be able to calculate total prices of weddings that will fit in the couples budget.


Nation wide, Wedding Planners earn an average salary of $26,560 - $79,270. Where I live now, Wisconsin, I would only get paid $61,940 at maximum. So if I were to pursue this occupation I would most likely move to New York, only if I wanted to live comfortably and be able to buy what I want.


Wedding planners must be able to have a flexible schedule so that they can work around their clients. At times they may even have to put in fourteen hour days if they are dealing with difficult couples and their families. Keep in mind that Wedding planners work full time and on the weekends because usually couples hold their weddings on the weekends.


Usually if wedding planners are being supervisors it is an indirect supervision. This meaning that they make sure that nothing goes wrong. In addition, some more advanced wedding planners have assistants that they must supervise.


If you were to become a wedding planner there are no required educational coarses that you need take. However, there are multiple classes that you can take in high school that will be extremely beneficial if you were to pursue this occupation. Some examples are Communication Technologies, Computer Applications, Computer Applications, Advanced, Desktop Publishing, and Graphic Arts and Printing.

Why I Was Interested

I chose this occupation because I love to design and pick out decorations. This is part of a wedding planners job because they help the couple decide on the flowers, silverware/plating, and dining room decor. I also was interested in this job because I strive and enjoy mathematics. Wedding planners use mathamatics when calculating total costs of the wedding and if it is within the couples balance. In addition, I enjoy meeting and interacting with people and helping people problem solve. One important quality that I have which will benefit me if I ever become a wedding planner is that I work well under pressure. This is important because if anything went wrong during the wedding I would have to solve the situation on the spot.