Kaci Pugh 10/14/15 8b

Ensuring safe work enviroments and procedures

There have been countless issues that have occurred throughout businesses due to unsafe procedures.

Ergonomics is the study of designing a job and a workplace to suit a worker needs.

The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles and bad posture.

Using ergonomics will enhance a workers productivity in its job .

To reassure your employee that their working environment is safe you to need to keep
tools and machinery in top condition.

Also cleanliness should be a main priority in maintaining a safe working environment.

This way while employees are operating on any equipment the employee will not be at risk and safe from anything hazardous.

Certain consequences include sprains, strains, tears, back

pain, carpal tunnel syndrome ,and musculoskeletal system symptoms.

These problems occur when the event or exposure leading to the injury involves bending, climbing,crawling, reaching, or twisting

Identify and report any mistreatment and bad work procedures to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration referred as OSHA.

This organization mission is to protect American workers from workplace mistreatment or wrong ethnics on the job.

Three rights under this organization is

File a confidential complaint with OSHA to have their workplace inspected

receive information and training about hazards, methods to prevent harm, and the OSHA standards that apply to their workplace.