From Oil to Legos

BY Graham H. Yost 3sr


Do you ever think about how Legos are made? I think I can tell you. You might be very very super super super super suprised about how they made.


Oil comes from the ground.


They use wood oil and cotton and when you mix these three materials together you will get resin. Resin is formed into tiny granules. A ton of pipes send the granules off to be molded into Legos. There are 1000 machines that make Lego bricks. The machines work 24/seven to make Lego bricks for kids to play with. They are made in Denmark. There are 14 silos of different colors. The machines can also shake and cool and spit them down into containers. They also make 15 billion Lego bricks a year. There are also 1.7 million Lego bricks made in one hour. Rubber stamps paint faces on the Lego heads. The granules are heated to 232 degrees Celsius. Some machines shake, cool, and spit them down into containers below in under 10 seconds. When a container is full of Legos, it is automatically brought to the specified shelf by machinery. Oh and did I mention no people work on it- it's all done by automated machinery.

Fun Facts

Surprisingly, 15,000 Lego heads are produced in one hour.


I hope this help you learn how Legos are made.