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Toolbox Tool of The Month: Quiet/Safe Place Tool

This month AUSD will be focused on the Quiet/Safe Place Tool as we enter into September.

When life gets stressful, we all need a place to feel safe. A place with some space between ourselves and what is happeninig around us. The Quiet/Safe Place Tool, whether a real location or a place in our imagination, offers your child awareness that a quiet/safe place is available whenever they need it.

Imagining a quiet/safe place or going to a real one reminds our body to relax and reset if needed. I think of it a a mini vacation in your day.

Please see the following videos, exercises and books I have attached so you can practice this tool at home or in the classroom. You get a gold star if you use The Quiet/Safe Place Tooland Breathing Tool together

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Books to learn more about the Quiet/Safe Place Tool

Quiet/Safe Place Tool
Mindfulness Exercises for Kids: Still Quiet Place (GoZen!)
Toolbox Quiet/Safe Place Tool
quiet/safe pillow cases
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