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GAPS Technology | November 24, 2020

Zoom Updates

Self-Selecting Breakout Rooms

Since last sharing about this feature, we have learned that participants will only be able to choose their own breakout room if using Zoom version 5.3 or higher. The most recent version for Chrome OS is 5.0 which means that students using Chromebooks will not be able to self-select.

Zoom recordings were being saved to both cloud storage and teacher computers; in order to save space on teacher hard drives, this setting was changed to cloud only.

Add closed-captioning to Zoom: this TikTok video from teacher Cristina Garcia shows teachers how to integrate closed captioning into Zoom.

New Zoom Feature: Suspend Participant Activity

This option is found in Security on the Control bar during meetings. By turning this on, all participant activities will immediately be halted. All video and microphones will be muted, all screen-sharing will stop, breakout rooms will be closed, and recording will be paused. See this Zoom Blog Post for more information.

Getting rid of YouTube ads, comments, and suggested videos

If you add a hyphen between the t and the 2nd u in a YouTube URL, you get a full-screen video without ads and commentary.

Example: https://www.yout-ube.com/watch?v=ZY3J3Y_OU0w&t=6550s

NOTE: you must use the full URL from the browser address bar, and not the link created from the "Share" button.

Uploading YouTube videos to Canvas Studio also eliminates comments and ads.

Fireplace - Full HD - 10 hours crackling logs

Monitoring Software for Student Computers

GAPS has decided against monitoring software, due to the use by many students of personal devices and home networks. The monitoring software would monitor those devices at all times, not just during class. There has been significant pushback on this in other states.

Canvas Support - Phone, Chat, Video

The Help button at the lower left of your Canvas screen connects you directly to Canvas support:

Network and Service Status Links

Having problems connecting and not sure if it's you or the program (Zoom, Canvas, etc.)? Click here to see current network and program status. These will be updated as soon as an issue has been identified.

Who to ask:

Zoom questions: Cindy Drouhard <cindy.drouhard@albany.k12.or.us>

Canvas questions: building Canvas site admin / teacher leader

Pinnacle questions: Jon Dilbone <jon.dilbone@albany.k12.or.us>

Clever / Seesaw: Dan Rothwell <dan.rothwell@albany.k12.or.us>

Savvas Realize / NGConnect: Brian Baker <brian.baker@albany.k12.or.us>

Computer hardware / network issues: GAPS IT <GAPS.IT@albany.k12.or.us>

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