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Central Academy of Excellence - Week of January 9, 2017

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Inference is a complex skill that can be taught through explicit instruction in inferential strategies. Inferring requires higher order thinking skills, which makes it a difficult skill for many students.

One simplified model for teaching inference includes the following assumptions:

•We need to find clues to get some answers.

•We need to add those clues to what we already know or have read.

•There can be more than one correct answer.

•We need to be able to support inferences.

Marzano (2010) suggests teachers pose four questions to students to facilitate a discussion about inferences.

•What is my inference?
This question helps students become aware that they may have just made an inference by filling in information that wasn't directly presented.

•What information did I use to make this inference?
It's important for students to understand the various types of information they use to make inferences. This may include information presented in the text, or it may be background knowledge that a student brings to the learning setting.

•How good was my thinking?
According to Marzano, once students have identified the premises on which they've based their inferences, they can engage in the most powerful part of the process — examining the validity of their thinking.

•Do I need to change my thinking?
The final step in the process is for students to consider possible changes in their thinking. The point here is not to invalidate students' original inferences, but rather to help them develop the habit of continually updating their thinking as they gather new information.


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