Raleigh Capitol Building

By: Anita Zavyalova

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Location and Directions

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Address: 1 Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC

Directions from Morgan Street:

- Turn right on S. Salisbury St.

- Continue walking until you reach W. Edenton St.

- Turn right on W. Edenton St.

- The Capitol Building will be on your right.

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Monument Details

- A Greek Revival Public Building.

- In 1840 all three branches of North Carolina's government were located in the Capitol. The executive branch held offices on the first floor, the legislative branch met on the second floor, and the last one is the judicial branch had offices for a brief time. Eventually the state agencies occupying the building grew to large to remain in one building because it was to small to fit a large amount of people in it, and began moving out in 1888. The legislature moved to a new building in the year 1963. Today the governor and the lieutenant governor the only government officials with their working offices still remaining in the Capitol.

Fun Facts

-The Capital of NC used to be a two-story brick house

- State House accidentally was burnt in 1831

- It took 7 years to build the Capital 1833-1840

- The State House took 4 years to build

- The Architects were William Nichols Jr, Ithiel Town, and Alexander Jackson Davis

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This is a picture of Alexander Jackson Davis