Breast Augmentation San Antonio

Breast Augmentation San Antonio

New Day Plastic Surgery

Breast growth in San Antonio concentrating on Around the clock recovery

New Day Plastic Surgery performs advanced surgery at our San Antonio location that assist decrease your recovery time and pain from breast implant. Our Board Certified Cosmetic or plastic surgeons deal with reducing discomfort, decrease bruising and improve recovery for breast implants. Although we cannot ensure that you are going to completely recover with the overnight, many patients at New Day require very little recovery time following surgery. Most breast implant surgery patients only wear a one-inch tape whenever they leave our private surgical center as well as have huge range of movement of their total arms. Since we use a very gentle technique, devices for instance “pain balls” aren't necessary when the procedure is precise and performed delicately, therefore requiring less medication to control any pain or discomfort.

A full variety of breast implant choices

New Day Plastic Surgery Center offers patients from San Antonio to Austin and surrounding Central Texas area, a detailed range saline, silicone and gel implants. For women who are thin or have very little breast growth, implants tend to be placed beneath the pectoralis muscle ( commonly known as “under”). Placing the implants on this location generates a softer, less visible implant enabling a very good have a look at mammograms and reducing the possibility of an implant disturbing the wonderful pictures.

While having your one-on-one breast enlargement consultation at New Day Plastic Surgery, which can be positioned in San Antonio, Texas, i will discuss the hazards factors and features about your procedure. We are going to also present the different surgical approaches and various other breast implant options.. New Day Plastic Surgery Center’s San Antonio location comes with an extensive library of surgical before and after photos available to illustrate the various options that can help patients determine to uncover the desired breast growth. To see our Breast Augmentation San Antonio please click on the link.

When implants are not enough, the Breast Lift-Augmentation: the Harmony Procedure

For most patients, breast augmentation is just not enough to supply a desired outcome. So, mixture off procedures are usually necesary to “harmonize” breast shape and volume: we label this the “Harmony Procedure”. The Harmony Procedure, that is definitely routinely performed at New Day Plastic Surgery Center, may be a schooling would include biology a breast lift with implants performed concurrently. Throughout this procedure a breast lift or mastopexy is finished all through the breast implant surgery. Lots of people of both procedures shows the breast an even more voluptuous look, while relocating the areola 9nipple) to a more youthful placement.

Somebody surgery facility with complete comfort and dedicated staff

Breast enhancement patients throughout Central Texas are treated at our private Surgery Center located of Stone Oak in San Antonio, Texas. Typical procedure time is under 60 minutes, with a highly trained anesthesiologist to improved ensure that your comfort and safety. Our breast implant surgeries facility has long been fully accredited through the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) considering that the year 2000.

Breast growth was made to help women gain a considerably better breast size and shape. New Day Plastic Surgery Center offers multiple breast enlargement options from breast implants to fat transfer breast augmentation (“Lipotransfer”) to assist correct sagging breasts and to create more symmetrical appearance. As well as being an expert in breast enlargement, Dr. Diana has also helped many patients within the San Antonio and Central Texas area with breast reductions, breast lifts and male breast reductions at New Day Plastic Surgery Center.

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