Mercury Chloride


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3 uses of the chemical

Mercuric chloride is occasionally used to form an amalgam with metals, such as aluminium.Mercuric chloride may be used as a stabilising agent for chemicals and analytical samples. Care must be taken to ensure that detected mercuric chloride does not eclipse the signals of other components in the sample, such as is possible in gas chromatography.Mercuric chloride is used to remove dithiane groups attached to a carbonyl in an umpolung reaction.

3 properties

Molar mass-472.09 g/mol

Appearance-White solid

Density-7.150 g/cm3

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4 facts

1.Mercury(II) chloride was used as a photographic intensifier to produce positive pictures in the collodion process of the 1800s. When applied to a negative, the mercury(II) chloride whitens and thickens the image, thereby increasing the opacity of the shadows and creating the illusion of a positive image

2.Objects in drawers were protected by scattering crystalline mercuric chloride over them.

3. Mercuric chloride was one of the three chemicals used for railroad tie wood treatment between 1830 and 1856 in Europe and the United States. Limited railroad ties were treated in the United States until there were concerns over lumber shortages in the 1890.

4.Mercuric chloride is highly toxic, both acutely and as a cumulative poison

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1.collodion process-is an early photographic process.

2.umpolung-polarity inversion in organic chemistry is the chemical modification of a functional group with the aim of the reversal of polarity of that group

3.dithiane-a heterocyclic compound composed of a cyclohexane core structure wherein two methylene bridges are replaced by sulfur centres.

4.amalgam - an alloy of mercury with another metal, especially one used for dental fillings