Cayla McGrail

Ceramics 1

Some Wise Words

I'M A MACHINIST - the Artwork of Alister Dippner

Into the Woods

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Into the Woods Artist Statement

I created this piece because I love trees. I thought of how the trees twist around in different ways. I got the idea of the leaf from Lord of the Rings. Their cloaks had a leaf pin that held it together and I liked to look of it. Some problems I faced was how to place the coils to go out and then back in. When I stared going back in with the coils, it was falling inside so I put small towers of clay to hold it up. If I could change anything, I would not change anything because I really love this piece as a whole.

My Other Half

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My Other Half Artist Statement

I created this piece because I really like yin yang symbols but I wanted something different so I looked at koi fish yin yang designs. I found a beautiful drawing of two kios and knew I would have to make it. I think this represents my other half of myself that is important to me-photography. A problem I faced was the bottom of one of the fish breaking apart. I tried to repair it but I decided to make a new fish. I also had a problem creating the scales on the fish. If I could change anything I would change the second fish because I was rushing to finish so it is a bit smaller than the first fish. But I really do love this piece.

Critiqued Art Work

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Vortex Critique

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”

Description- The piece Vortex uses the color brown and black to create a look of wood. The colors change in shade as it continues to go up. It starts small at the base then fans out to make the peaks. Each peak meets in the middle to make a little hole. The peaks bend with a few swirling at different points.

Analysis- The elements Vortex uses includes color, texture, and shape. The colors blend together to make it look as it is made of wood. The texture this art work has looks smooth. Shape is included in this piece because it has a flow to works together. The principles of art that Vortex displays include pattern, unity, and emphasis. There is a pattern of swirls and lines that the different colors give off. Vortex shows unity by all of the parts working together to make this piece complete with it growing and fanning out. There is emphasis in this piece because the center where it drops into itself catches the eye to make it the focus point.

Interpretation- The piece Vortex makes me think of desctruction. I think of things collapsing into themselveswhen I look at it. It reminds me of this because of how the clay goes out and then falls into the middle to create the opening. The collapsing of the piece also reminds me of how stars cave in.

Judgement- I think this piece is successful because it uses the elements and principles in harmony. The piece flows to give it a uniformed look. I think a part that makes it successful is that it looks like it is made out of wood when it is clay. I also think the shape is something unique that gives this art character.

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Laocoön and His Sons Critique

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

Description- In this piece there is a large man in the middle with two smaller men on each side. They have curly hair. There are ropes wrapped around the men's legs and torso. The ropes look like snakes. There is a snake head about to bite the largest man on the side of his torso. The men are reaching up with a pained expression on their faces.

Analysis- In Laocoön and His Sons, the elements present are color, value, and texture. The color used is white which gives it a clean look. There is value becasue in small parts of the piece there are shadows created by how the men are standing. The one on the right is bending over casting a shadow over his leg. The overall piece has a smooth texture but there are ridges and indents over the men to show they have muscles and bones. The principles I see in this artwork are balance, unity, and emphasis. The men on the sides are of equal height and built to balance the piece. There is unity because all the men are alike, and each have a part of the snake around a part of them. The emphasis would be on Laocoön because he is the center. Laocoön is also the biggest.

Interpretation- This piece makes me think of the struggles people go through in life. The snake around the men represent temptation and battles that come with living. The snake almost bitting them would mean that the poisions have almsot got Laocoön not yet because he won't allow it. I think the pain on their faces pepresent the men overcoming the endeavor of what holds them down. All the men are pushing off the snakes to reach greatness.

Judgement- I believe this artwork is successful because it tells a story that everyone can relate to. The principles and elements also work in unity to help make Laocoön and his sons look and seem alive. I think the artists wanted the piece to come alive so that it seems like they are really holding off the snake that has wrapped around them. I also think they made the men look alive to help men relate to battling demons that they face. To me, this piece shows how hard work and never giving in can pay off. This piece is a successful piece because the artists made it come alive.

Keep on Moving

My dream is to be a photographer. I want to create art and be an inspiration to others just like many before me have inspired me. Jeremy Saffer, Alister Dippner,and Joel Faviere are a few of the people who inspire me to push the limits of what is expected. Art is something that changes every moment. It will continue to change. I hope I can be part of the change.

Ansel Adams

''You don't take a photograph, you make it.''