My Dream Job


Description Of My Dream Job

My dream job is to become a lawyer,it is an extremely hard job however it is worth it. it is a great field to work in and lawyers are in a unique position to help organizations, groups and individuals with their legal problems. Lawyers can help the society and also elp those that are badly in need of legal assistance but yet cant afford to have a lawyer. Lawyers can mainly also perform to have "pro bono work" to help low income individuals and elderly people, children and also victims of domestic abuse.

qualifications and educational requirements

To be a lawyer u firstly need to get a bachelor's degree then you would apply to a law school for a juris doctor (J.D) degree and depending if u go full time this degree will go for 3 to 4 years. Then finally you will have to pass the bar exam for your state to practise law. Usually becoming a lawyer take 7 years of full time studying and then after high school their will be 4 years on undergraduate study which will be followed by 3 years of law school. Law school applicants need to have a bachelors degree to qualify for addition.

How Will I Pay For My Education?

HECS is going to pay for my education through out this whole time.

specific skills required for the job

Lawyers NEED to have observational skills from which they can be able to spot the holes in an apposing party's argument during the trial, they also need people skills from which they interact with a huge diversity of clients from which they should show excellent communicating skills, also memorization skills in which lawyers must have tremendous working knowledge of both state and federal laws, they should even know analytical skills are a skill that lawyers in order to develop their arguments and oratory skills from which lawyers must clarify everything clearly the lawyers with sloppy language or show disinterest in their cases will struggle for success.

type of income

mainly the type of income lawyers get is either commission or salary.

approximate income

Lawyers will all earn different amounts depending on the city they are in and the types of clients served and how much he or she is willing to work. However, family lawyers tend to be paid less than other types of lawyers. A reasonable range for a family lawyer in a medium to large city would be $100,000-$200,000.

what intrests me about this occupation?

I have always really wanted to be a lawyer because I like arguing and from the start of school I've been a confident person and I can communicate with others pretty well and law is mainly about fighting for a persons right I really want to fight for someones right and help others out with their legal problems and make this a world a great place to live in!! :)


lawyers can perform "pro bono work" to help low income individuals and elderly people, children and also victims of domestic abuse.