West Haven Summer Reading 2018

Grades Kindergarten - Grade 12


Welcome to a list of some of the wonderful books that West Haven school librarians have organized as suggested reading for you in elementary, intermediate, middle or high school.

You are encouraged to try any of the recommended books for your grade level in the fall. You are also encouraged to read books that you enjoy that may not be on this list.

The more reading you do this summer, the better prepared you will be for the next school year...and for the rest of your life!

Find a quiet spot, curl up with a good book, and READ!

Kindergarten - Grade 2 Summer Reading

Here are a few suggestions from the Kindergarten-Grade 2 reading list. For more suggestions, click link here.

Grade 3- Grade 4 Summer Reading

The aim is to give your child lots of successful reading experiences. Dig deeper into the story. Ask your child questions about the story you’ve just read. Ask something like, “Why do you think the character did that?” Here are several suggestions; other suggestions can be found on this link.

Read 15 Minutes a Day!

Reading aloud for as little as 15 minutes a day is the best way to stop the summer

slide that so many school-age children experience.

Carrigan Summer Reading: Grades 5 & 6

This summer, Carrigan is trying a One Book/One Read for students entering grades 5 & 6. Students are encouraged to read the memoir Ugly by Robert Hoge.


Strangers stared at him, kids called him names, and adults could be cruel in their own ways. Everybody seemed to agree that Robert was "ugly." But Robert refused to let his face dictate his entire life. Then, when Robert came face to face with the biggest decision of his life, he followed his heart. This poignant memoir about overcoming bullying and thriving with disabilities shows that what makes us “ugly” also makes us who we are.


Everybody who reads this will learn empathy and have more compassion. Hopefully, it will give people the power to stand up for others when they see others being bullied or even to stand up for themselves.

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Bailey Summer Reading

West Haven High School

Sharing summer reading on PADLET apps by grade level:

Grade 10: https://padlet.com/WHHS/eng2

Grade 11: https://padlet.com/WHHS/eng3

Grade 12: https://padlet.com/WHHS/eng4