20.2 The Harlem Renaissance

Roaring 20's

W.E.B DuBois

-He was a black figure in civil rights

-He founded the NAACP

-Editor of Crisis magazine

-Equal Rights

Marcus Garvey


-Declaration of rights of the negro peoples of the world along with the bible as the holy right uhm for our negro race.

-The relationship was they both wanted more power

-He got assasinated


-William H.Johnson


- The artist focus was to make everyone happy

-It was important because he was one of the first black people to become famous off there art.

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Langston Hughes

-Mother to son

-His mother is explaining how hard her life is..

-A lot of people could relate to his mother

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Louis Armstrong

-What a wonderful world

-This song is about how wonderful and beautiful the world is.

-It was one of his songs that made him known as the best trumpet player.

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