God's Green Leafations

by: Michelle G., Katie D., Aimee M., Jaci V.


I wonder if we alter the temperature of the water in the pipet of the potometer, if the intake of water inside the leaf would slow down or speed up.


If the group took a leaf and a potometer to measure the intake of the water, and we changed the temperature of the water, then the amount of the water taken in by the leaf is liable to increase.

Manipulated Variable:

Our manipulated variable would be the change of temperature in our water.

Control Setup:

Our control setup would be set up with one potometer in the center of a lab table with one leaf placed at the end of it's pipe. We would add water with a siring, and the water would have no alteration placed upon it since this is our control experiment.


We have three constant factors that take place in this experiment and they are:

1. The potometer which is two clamps with one pipe that will hold the water

2. The leaf which is our organically grown specimen for our experiment

3. The water which is our slightly altered manipulated variable.


1. Leaves

2. Potometer

3. Water

4. Siring

6. Timer

7. Data table



  1. Put a leaf into the tube held up by two clamps.

  2. Warm up water

  3. Load water into syringe

  4. on the other end of the tube start putting the water into the tube

  5. at our given increments look and see if the leaf soaks up the mixture more each time period.

Controlled Procedure:

First for our controlled procedure we will place the stem of the leaf inside the potometer's pipe and seal it so no air is allowed to escape or enter it. Then we will gradually add water through the siring into the other end of the potometer's pipe. We will time it for fifteen minutes and stop every minute to measure the leaf's water intake, and record our data on our data table.


We observed that when we put the leaf in the potometer's pipet, the leaf only absorbed a little bit of water every minute for fifteen minutes.


Big image
Blue is the Control

Orange is the increase in temperature

Red is increased heat


We believe that our leaf didn’t absorb as much water due to the fact that we put the vaseline directly onto the leaf instead of placing it on the top to seal out air. By changing the temperature of the water, we hypothesized that the leaf would soak up more water at a quicker pace. By looking at the data the rates of absorption by each group seemed to be about the same gradual change.