By Kala Bernard

Choose the best word from Lesson 7 to fill in the blank.

The hungry group of kids looked at the ice cream bar with ___________ stares, as they pleaded their parents to buy some for them.

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ACQUISITIVE (adjective)

Definition: Eagerly seeking to obtain things, wealth, or information.

Alternate Forms:

  • Acquire (verb)
  • Acquisition (noun)
  • Acquisitiveness (noun)



  1. rapacious
  2. covetous
  3. demanding
  4. greedy
  5. predatory
  6. demanding


  1. unselfish
  2. charitable
  3. non-materialistic
  4. controlled
  5. satisfied



quaero, querere, quaesivi, quaesitum (Latin) "to seek," "to search for"

ac = ad (Latin) "to," "toward"

acquisit (Latin) "given to acquisition, avaricious"

Choose the sentence where the word in bold is used incorrectly.

1. Her acquisitiveness led her to become a great doctor, as she was always studying and trying to learn more.

2. Most children do not like to eat blue cheese because it usually requires an acquired pallet.

3. She looked to her friend with acquisition, hoping to find out the big secret.

4. The acquisitive man donated his money and time for others, instead of being focused on materialistic or selfish purposes.

The answer was D.

This is the opposite of what acquisitive means, acquisitive people are focused on their own needs and possessions.