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The story "The Traveler" just came out!

The Traveler

I looked out the rocket and calculated how much time until I would be ready. This was my whole life’s work for this moment. All the training I had depended on this event. I made sure the time changer suit was ready and fully charged. I slipped it on. My finger hovered over the orange ON button on my shoulder. I checked one more time, and clicked the button.


"Fast Paced and Unpredictable Short Story."

- Hajar Ahmed, Author of The Award winning series The Adventures of Annie Stream

"Expect the Unexpected."

- The Library without Books

"Get out your imagination Caps!"

- Baby Reviews


Allie's life depends on this last mission. It's either life or death. She just has to do one simple thing, bring Dr. Matt back to finish the unfinished. After years of training she is finally ready to finish the task. Read this wonderful story to figure out Allie's fate. You will love this short science fiction story, and wont regret reading it.