Third Grade Updates & News

October 10-14, 2016

Reading Workshop - for PARENTS!!

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 6:30pm

2806 83rd Street

Woodridge, IL

Please plan to join us - and bring your third grader! We will be demonstrating a mini-lesson just like we do in class. You'll get to see first-hand what students are doing, what they're learning, and how lessons are delivered. We will have all of the units of study out and available for your perusal.

After the mini-lesson, we will have some take-home information for parents. We will provide a few suggestions of strategies you can use at home that align with the anchor standards we are focusing on.

We will also have some break-out sessions which you can attend. Watch for more info to come home about this exciting new event. We are looking forward to sharing this with all of you.

Reading Workshop

We are getting to the end our Fiction unit in Reading Workshop. We have been working on determining theme and central message, character traits, and will begin writing compare/contrast constructed responses. This is an important skill. Watch for work to come home showing you the progress they've made.

All of our Fountas & Pinnell individual testing has been completed. This is a leveling activity done by classroom teachers and Title One teachers to work with students and determine their instructional reading level. We've enjoyed chatting with students about the stories they've read and listening to their thoughts about the texts.

Writing Workshop

Students are working on their second narrative story and will be working to finish soon. These are TRUE stories of a moment in their lives. They should include dialogue, details, and descriptions, and be organized in paragraphs. We've done a lot of work on these. Already they're so much better than they were at the beginning of this year!

Publishing will happen in a number of forms on this project. Some students will write their final draft on lined paper, some are choosing to put theirs into book form and add illustrations! It'll be fun to see how they all turn out.


We are wrapping up Unit 1. Students have taken the assessment, we are reteaching and working on reflections. They will have some time on Monday and Tuesday to make corrections and complete the goal-setting sheet for these skills.

Unit 2 is RELATING MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. Yep, that means more math facts! If your child does not have them memorized, PLEASE please work with them as often as possible. Use the math you do in every day situations (at the grocery store, for example) to help with this skill. Find info on the district website. We'll be working on multiplication and division basically at the same time - think of fact families: if you know 4x6=24 and 6x4=24, then you know that 24/6=4 and 24/4=6.

Students should be practicing fluency each day. Have your child study these facts, and he/she will be ready at the end of the quarter. This will be assessed quarterly. We're looking for GROWTH from the beginning to the end of the year.

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