Kindergarten News.

February 17th

It was lovely to see you all on Thursday or Friday and to talk about your child. I hope you can tell that I think your children are an amazing group who are all learning to work together and enjoy each other.Each child is very special to me! A lot of work is happening in the kindergarten room! The children are happy and having fun while learning a great deal. The joy and bright inhibited spirits of Kindergarten children are an inspiration and example to us all.

This week they enjoyed valentines day and giving out their cards. Thank you to you all for the treats and the amazing things you gave the children. They were very excited and had a wonderful time.

On Wednesday the study of China began. Gloria Denoon, mother of Derek in 6th Grade came into our classroom and read a story in Chinese. Then the children made lanterns to celebrate the start of a New Year and the light that it brings.

The play is approaching. Please help your child learn his/her lines and also the cues. This is another very important part of the curriculum. The children helped to write their lines and they have been saying their lines in class a few times. Please send in their costumes as soon as possible. They are enjoying the process of learning the play but there will also be some stress. This is normal and I will support and help your children so that they have fun. Please do not pass on your stress to the children. THEY CAN DO THIS AND THEY WILL FEEL SO PROUD. Again, it is another enriching experience of Kindergarten and BFS.

The Play is on Friday March 3rd at 9:30 am in the auditorium. Please come early. Chairs will be at the sides for you as the rest of the school sit in the middle of the auditorium.This is truly an event not to be missed. Come into the classroom afterwards and share cake and celebrate with you child and the whole class. Remember your child is part of a whole class that helps to make this experience. If you want to honor the children for the work they have done for the play, please give to every child not just your own, or simply celebrate with your own child at home.

Important dates.

Friday 3rd March, Kindergarten play is at 9:30 am in the auditorium.

Enjoy your long weekend.

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining BFS please encourage them to come to see the school. We have had many visitors so this is great for each class and also the school and your children.

On a personal note, BFS is a very special community, which fosters your child's individuality while creating a cohesive community and long lasting friends. I hope you will all get to know each other as well as your children know each other. These friendships are so important and long lasting.

In peace and friendship

Happy Days.