Natural Fibers

By: Destinee Taylor


Characteristics: Strong and durable, Absorbent, Cool to wear, Shrinks in hot water, Wrinkles easily

Care: Machine wash, Tumble dry at moderate temperature, Press with warm to hot iron

Uses: Underwear, socks,, shirts, blouses, jeans, towels, sheets

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Characteristics: Natural insulator; warmest of all natural fibers, soft and resilient, natural flam retardant, absorbs moisture more slowly than cotton, Shrinks if machine washed or dried unless chemically treated, affected by moths

Care: -Dry cleaner or hand wash in cool water and a mild detergent (according to garment label). -Do not place in dryer. -Press cool iron

Uses: Sweater, tailored suits, coats, Blankets, Upholstery, Rugs, carpets

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Characteristics: -Durable and strong, -Lustrous and smooth, -Comfortable and cool to wear, -Wrinkles easily, -Creases difficult to remove, -Can be expensive

Care: -Hand wash or dry clean (according to garment label), -Iron while damp

Uses: Pants, Blazers, Table Lines, Upholstery

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Characteristics: -Luxurious appearance and feel, -Strongest of all natural fibers, - Drapes nicely, -Expensive, -Easily spots if fabric becomes wet, -Weakens with exposure to sun and perspiration

Care: Dry clean or hand wash (according to garment directions), -Press on wrong side with warm iron

Uses: -Wedding gowns, -Lingerie, -Men't ties

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