After Effects

BY: Adithya Royaprollu

Why did I choose the topic?

I chose After Effects because I thought it would be cool and interesting to make things that you could not make in Premiere Pro, like intros that sort of sweep across the screen and satellite tracking displays and simple loading screens.

Why is this important to study?

This is an important program because this makes videos more cool and lively by adding things that could not be done with a normal video editor like Premiere Pro. It keeps viewers attached to the video without them losing interest.

Resources That Were Used

I used for all of my tutorials on how to make my projects in After Effects and I used the After Effects program. I did not use any other websites to help with my learning.


Satellite Tracking

What did I use in these?

In the satellite tracking one I used the rotation tool, position keyframes and circle tool and rectangle tools. In the bottom one I used the orbital camera tool.