Genre PBL Project

By: Anjali Gautam


A mystery is a novel where a detective solves a puzzling crime. Mysteries can be written as short stories or long novels. The purpose of reading a mystery novel is to create a feel of resolution as the reader solves the crime. This genre may also be called crime or detective novels. Some elements an author might use are hidden evidence, and suspense. Mystery novels usually have intriguing characters, and a very suspenseful plot.

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Thriller/ Horrer

Thriller is a type of genre that creates a tension and sometimes may have murders. It usually has some blood or violence, but is still interesting to read. Thriller books keep you reading from cover to cover because you really want to know what happens next.
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Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a type of genre where a novel is set among specific, or real periods in history. The author can use made-up characters in the story, but the story itself is set in a period back in time. In historical fiction, the setting is the most important element because the author is writing about a particular time in history, so it must be accurate or authentic. Authors do lots of research before writing a novel, so they know all about how people lived depending on how many years ago the event occurred.

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Books in the adventure genre usually go out in the wild and tend to have a twist. The main character usually gets stuck and has to use his/her survival skills. The adventure genre is dominated with action and has loads of risks. A good Adventure genre book is Leopard Adventure.

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Humor is a comedy or to laugh at something. A good book to read was

The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. Humor makes books fun to read. Books that tell jokes or make you laugh are good examples. Humor books may appeal to one person, but not another. It just depends what type of humor makes you laugh.

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The romance genre has lots of twists and can be set in any time period. There is always love in the romance genre and lots of depression too. There are also lots of sub genres in the romance genre. A good romance book is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

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Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre where the author writes about science and technology of the future. Some science fiction books include aliens and rocket ships, while others just talk about future technology and scientific discoveries. Science fiction texts are often set in the future, or space.

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The fantasy genre is a very interesting read. It includes elements that are not realistic, such as talking animals, magical powers, mythical beings, and monsters. It incorporates imaginative, and fantastic themes. Most readers like fantasy books because you feel like you are transported to another imaginative world. My personal favorite fantasy series is Harry Potter by J.K Rowling.

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Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is where the author makes up characters, and puts them in a real life situation that depicts our world and society. The author focuses on the theme of growing up, confronting problems, or having a serious health problem. A good realistic fiction book is Wonder by R.J Palacio.

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A memoir is a record of events based on a persons life experiences. It could also be a biography written from personal knowledge. Essays written by students on a learned subject is also considered as a memoir. The genre memoir got its name from the word “memory” because it is written based on a persons memory or knowledge.

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An autobiography is the history of a person’s life written by that same person. Some elements include first person perspective, highly personalized writing, and they may be supported by authentic pictures and newspaper articles.

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A biography is the story of someone’s life written by a another person who has exceptional knowledge about that person. Some elements the author has to keep in mind to include is accurate history, chronological order of the person’s life, carefully researched information, and reflection of the time and place the person lived.

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