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From the Chief School Administrator

Can Spring come soon enough? March - the month of shamrocks, sporty NCAA basketball, and SPRING weather! While we love the snow here at LAC, we are ready for sun, warmth, and outdoor recess! We have lots of events happening this month; from PARCC testing to a tricky-tray auction, we will be growing, learning, and moving onward. -Jay Eitner, CSA
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Watch our 8th graders debate a school over 100 miles away... VIRTUALLY!

In Mrs. Lally's classes...

Although Spring isn’t here, preparation for the Spring Concert has begun! Students in the LAC Chorus are writing their own play for the Annual Concert, which will also be featuring a wide variety of musical selections from a multitude of periods in music history. Be prepared to travel through time in a time machine! The Band will also be performing a variety of selections that will take you down memory lane. Students have been busy in their general music classes learning how to play keyboards, writing their own rap songs, and using technology to create their own musical compositions. They have also researched and created presentations about World Music, musical genres, composers and famous musical artists, the history of Rock n’ Roll, and the Harlem Renaissance. Lastly, the younger grades have used technology to design their own opera and to go on a Symphonic Safari!

In Mrs. Beitsch's Class...

Kindergarten is 100 days smarter and continues to LOVE school!! February has been a busy month filled with the ground hog seeing his shadow, spreading love at Valentines, celebrating 100 days of school, being introduced to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and learning ways to keep our teeth healthy. Kindergarten is also learning to read more words and we love writing stories with these words. In math we are adding and subtracting using toys, fingers and cereal!! The excitement continues and we cant wait to see what happens when Dr. Seuss and the leprechaun arrive in March!!

In Mrs. Haenn's & Mrs. Mortimer's math classes...

All students are continuing to work very hard in Math and are anxiously awaiting pi day and digital learning day both of which we will celebrate on March 13. 6th and 7th grade students are working on ratios and rates and are beginning to venture into the world of proportions. 8th grade students are finding the slope of a line and can identify a variety of different slopes thanks to rise over run. We are actually incorporating music into our slopes, just ask any 8th grader they will be glad to sing our “slope song” to you.

5th and 6th grade students took the PARCC pilot test for Math on Feb 25 and thought it was easy. They will surely do a great job come March!

Want to learn about PARCC without the babble? Watch this:

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