Harmony Times

May 24, 2017

The last day of school is Thursday, May 25th. This will be a 1:15 dismissal for students. Zenith will have normal business hours.

Band make up session

2017-2018 7th and 8th Grade Parents - On Thursday at 1:15, we will have a make up session for band sign ups for next year. If your child would like to be in band next school year, please plan to attend, if you were not able to attend the first session. You will need a valid ID, and will need to put a down payment on the instrument chosen. Methods of payment will be credit card or check. Please discuss with your child and have an idea what instrument he/she is interested in playing. For those who cannot attend, we will try to hold a final session in August.

Senior Graduation

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Congratulations to The Class of 2017. Good luck in your next adventure, we wish you the best!

Summer reading

All students will be responsible for completing a summer reading assignment. The requirements will be sent home with your students by his/her current ELA teacher. The assignment will be due at the beginning of next school year to your child's new ELA teacher. Most teachers will expect within the first week of school. If your child does not bring home a paper copy, you may locate and print from the school website (available the week of May 29th), or there will be copies available in the front office for pick up during the summer. The path for locating on the website will be to go to our homepage, click the parent tab, and scroll down to the "2017 Summer Review, AP Assignments, and Summer Reading". Please be sure to have your child complete the assignment for the grade level he/she will be enrolled in for the 2017-2018 school year. All middle school summer reading requirements are the same, however, in high school it is course specific. Please refer to your child's schedule for next year.

8th grade completion ceremony

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Thank you to all the parents who attended the first annual 8th grade completion ceremony. It was a great event to celebrate our 8th grade students, as they prepare to enter high school.

AP Assignments

All students who are enrolled in an AP course(s) for the 2017-2018 school year must complete a summer assignment(s). You can find the assignments for each AP course on our school website (available the week of May 29th). Please click the parent tab, and scroll down to the "2017 Summer Review, AP Assignments, and Summer Reading" tab. From there parents and students can click to open the assignment for each AP course. Please refer to your child's schedule for next year.

Be sure to check the Lost and Found for your missing items!

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End of year grades

This year, our teachers will be finalizing grades on Friday, May 26th, which is after the students are out for summer break. Due to this, we will not have end of year awards ceremony. Instead, academic awards earned will be mailed home with the final report card. We will have an end of year pep rally for students, hosted by our Student Council. Students will be recognized for their participation and achievements in this year's clubs, events, and competitions, in addition to other fun activities planned by our Student Council.


STAAR - Results for Spring tests will be received on the following dates:

8th reading and math retests: May 30th

English I, English II, algebra I, biology, US History: June 2nd

6th and 7th math, 6th and 7th reading, 7th writing: June 14th

8th social studies, 8th science: June 14th.

Report Cards, Summer Packets, and Summer Finals

Final report cards will be mailed out the week of May 29th. Also, 7th and 8th grade students who do not pass for the year in reading, math, science and/or social studies will be contacted during the first week of summer, regarding required summer review packets which will be completed at home. There will NOT be summer school. Students will submit completed packets on the day they arrive to take the final exam in the subject(s) not passed for the year. The packets will be available for pick up in the front office, or parents may access and print from our websites under the parent tab. The label will be "2017 Summer Review Packets, AP Assignments, and Summer Reading". Summer finals for math and science are scheduled for June 13th at 9:00AM, and summer finals for English and social studies are scheduled for June 14th at 9:00AM. Student must complete packets and pass summer finals in order to meet promotion requirements.

Message from our lunch clerk

Important Notice: Meal account balances (both negative and positive) will carry over to the 2017-2018 school year. Due date to pay off any unpaid balance that has carried over from the previous school year is August 31st, 2017. Alternate Meals for the 2017-2018 school year will begin on September 1st.

message from our registrar

Dear Parent,

If you are planning to withdraw please provide at least 24 hour notice by emailing our school registrar, Ms. Avalos, at Ravalos@harmonytx.org. This notification will allow adequate time to prepare necessary forms for the process. Same day requests will still require a 24 hour notice.

The following records will be provided upon completion of withdrawal:

  • Copy of Withdrawal form.
  • A copy of the student's Transcript.

  • Any STAAR TESTS will be mailed home upon receipt to campus.
  • Final Report cards will be mailed home within the first week of June.

Please be advised that once school resumes classes all official records will be forwarded to the new campus once their request has been submitted.

Upon your student(s) withdrawal, the following school fees must be paid in full:

  1. Lunch balances
  2. Book fees (or returned)
  3. Chromebook fees (or returned)
  4. Charger fees (or returned)
  5. Any school property items
  6. Damages to any school property
  7. Other (etc...)

HSA-Euless front office Summer hours will be posted until further notice.

Report cards and STAAR test will be mailed home throughout the summer break.

Please make sure that all of your contact information is up to date: Home address, phone numbers and/or email addresses.

​If you relocate or have any changes during the summer, please email Ms. Avalos to update your information.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Avalos at 817-354-3000 or at Ravalos@harmonytx.org

Thank you.

Cafeteria News

Nutritious meals are available daily for a price of$1.70 for breakfast, $3.00 for lunch, and $0.50 for a la carte milk. Each student is provided a lunch account on to which money may be deposited. Households are also encouraged to log in to their child’s account (using the parent password), go to the “Lunch” tab, and click on ONLINE LUNCH APPLICATION to apply for free or reduced price meals. If you need the parent password reset, please call the school and ask to speak with the Lunch Clerk.

Should a student’s meal account balance fall below $0, he /she will be allowed to charge up to –$15.00. Once the negative meal account balance limit is reached, the student will receive an alternate meal. Alternate meals consist of cereal, fruit, and milk for breakfast; and for lunch, a sandwich, vegetable, and milk. If a student is later approved for free meals, they will begin receiving meals immediately. However, the household is still responsible for paying the negative account balance. For more information regarding the meal charge policy, please visit our website at: hsaeuless.org, and click on the “Meal Charges” link.

Attention Parents,

Papa Jonhs pizza will be served every Wednesday at no extra charge, taking place of the regular served lunch. The meal will include: milk, 1 slice of cheese pizza, a veggie and/or fruit.


Dear Parents and Students,

Please be informed that there is NO change in the school dress code policy. We would like clarify our policy for outerwear.

Dress Code regarding outerwear in Student Handbook (please refer to page 17):

  • No outerwear, such as windbreakers, jean jackets, or ski jackets, may be worn inside the classroom. Such items must be stored in the student’s locker.
  • “Hoodies” may not be worn inside the school building.
  • No pullovers or sweatshirts are allowed.

What can be worn:

  • School cardigan sweaters (with or without buttons/zipper) in solid red, white, black, navy blue or grey.
  • Solid-colored, long-sleeve shirt under their uniform top in red, black or navy blue.
  • Other items that are worn to school will need to be left in the locker before going to the classroom.

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter and please do not hesitate to reach us on Let's Talk or email Mrs. Chidyausiku (mchidyausiku@harmonytx.org) with any questions or concerns.

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Thank you for keeping yourself and your family informed about the news and events of HSA Euless. Have a most wonderful week!