Food For Friends

Helping hunger in Tanzania schools

Orkeeswa School garden

We are raising awareness for the many children without enough food in Tanzania, Africa. We are trying to raise money to supply the Orkeeswa school garden there with seeds and tools for the students and their families. Here is the link to a video with more information, and a link to a Go Fund Me site where you can donate to help make the garden a success.100% of the profit goes to help the Orkeeswa school garden!

Here are some pictures of the kids at the Orkeeswa school in Tanzania, Africa

Food problem in Africa

Hunger in Africa

Many families are very poor in Tanzania, Africa. Some kids don't get food after school (if they even go to school) because their parents didn't make enough money that day. Many kids are malnourished because they eat mostly corn and they don't get enough food. We are doing the fundraiser because we want to help fix this problem. Save the syays, " The Tanzanian Demographic and health survey of 2010 shows that 42% of children aged less than five years are stunted and six out of ten children inTanzania are anaemic." go to this site to learn more about the food problems in Africa.

Thank you

Please help to support this cause and donate to help the Orkeeswa school garden grow at this site.

Thank you for your support!!

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