Superintendent Community Update

August 13, 2021

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Superintendent's Message

Dear JUHSD Community,

On Monday, August 9th, our JUHSD schools opened their doors to eager students and staff ready to take on the 2021-2022 school year!

I had the opportunity to visit each of our district school sites during the first day of school and felt a great sense of excitement, promise, and hope for the coming year. Though feelings of hesitation were also present, students and staff were diligent in wearing face masks and made conscious efforts to ensure the safety of those around.

For additional information on ways in which our district is maneuvering through COVID-19 related concerns, please take a moment to review the district's Safe Return to School 2021-2022 plan linked in this newsletter.

With COVID-19 persisting, we will continue to provide our school communities with up-to-date information on ways in which we're best supporting our students and staff through this pandemic. Students are encouraged to reach out to our site wellness teams for support.

I thank you for allowing us to be apart of your student's educational endeavors and for your support of the Jefferson Union High School District. I look forward to a wonderful school year!


Toni Presta


JUHSD's Safe Return to School 2021-2022

As the Jefferson Union High School District moves into the new school year, with continued concerns of health and safety, we encourage our district community to check out the JUHSD's Safe Return to School 2021-2022 for more information on how we're currently dealing with COVID-19.

JUHSD is on TV!

Check out Superintendent Presta's interview with KRON4 on the first day of school!

Watch the full interview here!

State to require vaccination verification or testing for all school workers

Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, California’s Public Health Officer, released a public health order on August 11, 2021, requiring all school workers, including paid and unpaid adults serving in a school setting, to provide verification of their vaccination status, and if unvaccinated, to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. The purpose of the order is to minimize the risk that staff will transmit COVID-19 to others while on K-12 school campuses.

Soon, all JUHSD staff members will be asked to share their vaccination status with the district. Those staff members not currently vaccinated, or those who do not wish to share their vaccination status, will be tested twice weekly. On-site testing will begin in early September.

For more information on this from Governor Newsom, please read this press release from the San Mateo County Office of Education.

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Vaccination Clinic at Daly City Youth Health Center

San Mateo County Health has confirmed that every Wednesday is a Pfizer Vaccination Clinic at the Daly City Youth Health Center, and your students and families can register for that specific location on the website.

Vaccination Clinic for Youth with Sensory issues or Anxiety

Sequoia Hospital, Hope Technology School, and BACC are partnering to provide COVID-19 vaccines for individuals 12 and older who require a more sensory-sensitive environment. For youth with sensory issues or anxiety that require trained staff members who are skilled in providing vaccinations to students with disabilities, the Sensory Friendly Vaccination Site is available for you. Whether it is walk up or drive through, know that this clinic includes the following: short wait times, minimal transitions, no crowds, visual reminders, social stories on pads, drive through, visual aids and timers, fun rewards, quiet areas, and calm stations.

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Grade Change Request Notification

Parents/guardians, along with adult students, may request that high school grades earned during the 2020-2021 school year be changed from a letter grade to Pass or No Pass.

The deadline to make this request is August 14th. Click here for more information.