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Stunning Kitchen Design for Your Cooking Space

There are many reasons why kitchen design shall be considered carefully. It is common for a family to gather within the kitchen since this space is connected to the dining room. Even sometimes, we eat our breakfast on the kitchen. Thus, the function of this space is not only limited for its main function: a space for a family to create dishes for its members.

The heartwarming nuance of a daily family gathering inside this space is what makes the kitchen so special. No wonder that this space is called as a heart of a home for centuries. Thus, those are some reasons why the design for this cooking space is supposed to be considered very carefully.

There are various ones that you can use as your beautiful kitchen design, from the traditional and rustic into the modern and contemporary one. Following is the picture of the contemporary kitchen space that combines the sleek and modern detail with refreshing lime green splash. Located in the upper level of an apartment, this kitchen is designed cleverly to provide the city view through the transparent glass windows.

Not only providing the fantastic view during the evening, it is also helping in making this space airy as well. The glossy and sleek details are carefully combined with the refreshing lime green splash: walls, cabinets, island, and even the choice of the modern chair. This is definitely the new heart of a home in this modern era.

But, being a little bit traditional is not a bad idea at all. The use of wooden cabinetry with walnut finish and the black glossy countertops will be the timeless choice for the kitchen. You can even leave some cabinets covered with glass details, so you can expose anything you store inside; colorful glasses or the cans of ingredients.

The modern touch of this space will not only include the countertops, but also the modern pendant lightings hanging above the island as well. Or, you can simply go totally rustic with the choice of wooden furnishings that are emphasized with traditional design as well. The result will not only be bright and airy, but also lovely and definitely heartwarming.

The modern all-white kitchen will be quite challenging, yet pretty easy to deal with. You will have to mind the details within the all-white space, such as the thick wood tops, the white tiles for the kitchen backsplash, and the contemporary lightings. The vertical and horizontal details are shown up within this space cleverly, emphasizing the clear line within this modern space. So, what is your preferred beautiful kitchen design and idea? Or do you have one of your own?