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EdTech Update: February 2017

What is Scrum?

What We're Excited About in February: SCRUM

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your project management with SCRUM, a framework for managing complex projects. It’s an efficient and effective method that originated with software developers but gradually made its way to other fields, including education and classrooms.

District Leaders

Do you have a school improvement plan that you are rolling out?

Do you have initiatives that you are implementing in your schools?

Technology Directors

Are you starting a one-to-one initiative?

How do you manage your technology plan roll out?

Are you updating your infrastructure?


Do you have a project idea that you need help managing?

Do you want to empower students with team management skills in collaborative projects?

To help answer some of these questions, join us at 2017 MACUL’S Pre-Conference Workshop on March 15 from 8:00am-4:00pm at Cobo Hall. Bea Leiderman, an expert, author, and practitioner of SCRUM, will facilitate a full day of practical learning. To register, go to MACUL’s Pre-Conference site. Bring a project, initiative, or plan idea to the session to learn how SCRUM can help you improve the management process. This session is sponsored by Special Interest Group for Professional Learning (SIGPL).

Goose Chase WMS 6th Grade

Classroom Highlight: Western Middle School 6th Grade Team

The 6th grade team at Western Middle School of Jenny Schupbach, Joleen Hurt, Karen French, Stephanie Howard, Gina Fortress, and Kim Bowden used Goose Chase to create their own content-specific missions. We had the pleasure of watching the teams in action this month.

Students studying Latin American culture were challenged to do things like take a selfie with the man who conquered the Incas. Students studying the Rock Cycle were asked to daydream about where they would find extrusive igneous rocks.

We were amazed (as we find ourselves frequently) at the level of creativity these students showed in their ability to complete their mission. We also loved the formative assessment potential the game afforded to the teachers running them. As submissions came in, it was easy for us to see what content students had mastered and what they still weren't 100% on.

Take a peek at some of the fun and, as always, feel free to contact us if we can help you get started with running a Goose Chase in YOUR classroom!

It's True. Your U Drive is Going Away.

You will continue to have access to your U Drive until December 2017, at which point it will be deactivated.

But, have no fear! You have unlimited storage with Google Drive through your consortium Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Account.

The EdTech team is ready and willing to help you make the switch.

Get the MOST out of your MACUL experience!

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I STEAM, You Scream!

Did you miss the fall I STEAM, You Scream? Sign up here for the April 21st session located at the Hillsdale ISD!

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